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The paper "Book Cafe - Market Analysis" is a good example of a marketing case study.   This business plan is developed for raising funds for J. B. Bookstore that is planning to expand with the addition of a reading library and Coffee Cafe in the store. The idea of Book Cafe is based on a market need of students and individuals looking for a library facility. Also, it has been observed that most people read books while sipping coffee at a coffee shop and thus, the addition of a cafe would engage them for long.

The proposal identifies the market that can be reached with the idea, presents the market plan, operational plan, execution schedule, business risks and assumptions. The bookstore would provide multiple products and services to customers including food, beverages, new and old books, and internet surfing facility. Market Analysis The target market of the J. B. Book Cafe can be divided into different customer segments based on their purchasing habits. These segments would include: Casual shoppers who come to store with no specific agenda but explore the store for some time and make a purchase if they like anything.

Casual shoppers would make a high volume of customers and would also present a higher probability of purchases. Hard to find shoppers with specific needs and are very price sensitive. These would include shoppers who come to purchase only a specific item or book from the store. They would be difficult to track down but if they can be reached, the probability of getting a purchase would be higher Shoppers for specific categories of products such as books, music, games, food, etc. These buyers would have preferences only for shopping in one category.

A library use may only come to join a library and may not be interested in using cafe services. Similarly, a person visiting a cafe may not explore the book store. Figure 1: The Value Proposition Canvas The key value proposition of the Book Cafe is the provision of a relaxed environment to book lovers and the facility of borrowing old books, buying new ones and food cafe. The cafe would provide an opportunity for book lovers to read, enjoy coffee and snacks as well as use the internet if they require.

The cafe would have a pleasing atmosphere with good ambience, silence, and food. The cost of food would be on a little higher side to discourage masses to join but only genuine book lovers. The business proposition is designed considering certain pain areas that book lovers have to face currently. They always want to read books in a peaceful environment like a cafe which has only serious people coming in who do not make noise. Also, they would want to have time to read a part of a book before they made a decision for purchase.

The book cafe would solve these pain areas by: Providing an elegant and silent atmosphere so that they do not face noise while reading Providing Cafe facility for them to spend more time Allowing library enrolments for extra benefits like book borrowing Stocking a large number of books including old and new so that readers get a lot of variety to explore.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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