Essays on Reasons for Being Competitive: Case of Twitter Case Study

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The paper "Reasons for Being Competitive: Case of Twitter" is an outstanding example of a case study on marketing. Service quality is a very important aspect for business especially those working in the service sector as the perception of people differ and is situation-based and changes as per the group the person has. The importance of this magnifies as services are intangible and measuring it becomes difficult. This makes it important that the business looks towards developing strategies to maximize customer satisfaction so that they are better contented. The purpose of this report is to find out the manner in which Twitter has developed its business and to find out the strategy that the company has used to grow their business.

This has been followed by identifying the reasons for competitive advantage and their sustainable advantage which has been possible due to the leadership skills. This shows the areas that Twitter needs to work and has helped to find out the strategy which will help them to grow their business. This will thereby ensure that Twitter is able to improve its business and get an opportunity to grow their business. Working on Twitter Twitter has been able to ensure that the market grows and providing a service that is different from others in the market has ensured that they differentiate themselves from the competitors.

Providing services where they are able to ensure that messages can be sent for 140 characters has ensured that it is used by all people of all classes. This has ensured that Twitter looks at developing a mechanism through which the business will be able to ensure maximum opportunity for improving their business. Twitter while looking to ensure that its financial performance improves has laid special emphasis on ensuring that resources are used in the most efficient manner.

Twitter looking to achieving its goals has ensured that they look towards managing their resources in such a manner that the business is able to ensure the proper mix of the resources and develop policies where the management is able to use the resources in the most effective manner. Twitter has taken care of different resources which include capital, human and financials (Bangs, 2002). On the capital front, Twitter has looked towards ensuring that the infrastructure to support the business is developed so that their capital investments can be used in the most positive manner and will help the organization to ensure positivity within the organization.

This makes it imperative that Twitter manages its capital requirements so that the employees are able to provide quality services to its customers (Robin & Susan, 2003). While managing the human resource the management has to look towards hiring the correct talent. Efforts have been laid to ensure that the people hired are able to justify their jobs.

This thereby increases the importance of hiring the correct people at the same time.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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