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The paper "Records and Archives Management" is a great example of a management essay.   A prevailing theme, based on my review of the readings, is electronic data management. A possible argument of both readings is that the current state of electronic data management and problems is a result of inevitable technological change. Critically, modern-day organisations are creating electronic records using office automation tools like word processing, e-mail, spreadsheets, and database management software, all of which run on personal computing devices. Cumming (2014) and Borglund and Engvall (2014) view data as a representation of information in a formalised model for processing, analysing, interpreting, communicating, and processing.

Cumming (2014) is concerned that due to the rapid evolution of information technology, the concept of ‘ paperless office’ has become increasingly evident. Borglund and Engvall (2014) show that advanced information systems are providing instant access to information through mobile devices, computers, and the internet and optical disk systems. The functions and contents of electronic and paper records, however, are inherently related. ii) Reflection on the theme-based research Teets and Goldner (2013) show that, in the present-day electronic environment, it has become crucial for records managers to take part in the early planning and design of electronics records management, or risk loss of control of electronic records for two reasons: because the records are stored in the wrong place or not kept at all, or because the records are irretrievable or unreadable if at all they are kept.

From this, I learned that such shifts are prompting the need to reconsider the approach to creating, managing, and using of electronic records. Because of this, I now recognise the need for managing electronic records across the records life cycle, after a continuum of care. Still, it is crucial for me to mention that the evolving attitude to records management is just not restricted to managing electronic records.

It also prompts the need to rethink the approach needed to manage paper records.



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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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