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The paper "Store Manager in Woolworth Limited" is an outstanding example of a management assignment. There are different methods through which the floor manager can be selected. While selecting a floor manager the interviewer or the committee selecting the personnel has to pay attention to the qualities that will help to fulfil the role. The floor manager can be selected through a process of interview. Before moving to the process of the interview it is important that the biodata of the interested candidate is verified. The interviewer should look towards rejecting candidates at each stage like the preliminary stage where candidates based on the application forms are rejected and selected.

The interviewer at this stage should reject the candidates who don’ t match the criteria. This will help to improve focus and ensure that the remaining candidates are interviewed properly by asking questions in varied areas to gauge the strength of the candidate. From the remaining, candidates should be selected based on the basis of bio-data and called for the final interview only when the criteria are matched. The following questionnaire will help the interviewer to gauge the relative strength help to select the candidate for the job of the floor manager. Questionnaire Name? Sex? Tell us something about your past job or experience? What are your strengths? What are your weaknesses? Why do you want to be selected as a floor manager? What do you think you will enjoy the most as the floor manager in Woolworth? How will you cope with the additional pressure the post brings along? What would you do if maintaining the problems of the employees and customers both contradict each other? Suppose you have a problem where there is differences between in the manner the management wants the employees to work and the manner in which they actually work.

What would you do then? Sometimes there will be a situation where you have to do multiple tasks like getting the racks arranged, ensure proper space for movement of customers, order the stocks which are replenishing and solving the problems faced at a different level. How would you maintain all this at the same time? What are qualities do you think differentiates from the others? These are some of the questions that can be used in the questionnaire while interviewing but the list is not exhaustive. It should be ensured the action plan should be devised as follows Time Duration Things to do 1-2 weeks Advertisement and gathering of biodata of interested candidates Week 3- week 4 Screening of the application form and calling candidates for interviews Week 5 – Week 6 Conducting Interviews Week 7 – Week 8 Selecting the candidate and having an induction program Interview Guide The interview should be conducted in a cordial manner and it should be ensured that the place is easily accessible by all.

Further, it should also be ensured that the interviewer and interviewee are well prepared for the same.

The interview process should look towards having question-related to all areas of the candidate and measures should be taken to ensure proper utilization of all the skills. Further, strategies would be in place to deal with the manner in which the differences between the process will be dealt and strategies should be made to ensure that maximum integration and process development is looked at so that the correct candidate is selected for the job.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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