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Recruiting and Staffing Plan week 2 Introduction Amazon, the biggest American retailer company that has turned out to be the symbol of internet trade, is planning to hire 7,000 employees for its operations in US. The firm commits to offer benefits and salary which is far beyond the standard retail wages. Although Amazon has not yet announced the offering for the position but it can be concluded that Amazon will be paying 30 percent more than the retail wages being offered at any other company. The positions being offered by Amazon are full time and permanent.

Another challenge for Amazon is to design a recruitment and selection process for a pool of much more than 7,000 candidates. The recruitment for such large pool will be costly; therefore Amazon cannot afford to fail. This paper takes into account the designing of recruitment and selection process for the position of warehouse supervisor. Legal Considerations There are several legal considerations that must be kept in mind by the firm before starting the recruitment process. Firstly the firm must set a wage rate not less than the standard American wage rate, as not following this employment law may expose to firm to lawsuits.

The recruitment and selection process of the firm should be completely unbiased giving equal consideration to the candidates with disabilities, as according to law title V11 they must be given equal opportunities as the other candidates being recruited. Biasedness on the grounds of religion, race, color, creed, sex and nationality is also not allowed by the American law. Amazon is a big name in the online business and therefore the firm needs to fulfill all its legal considerations for avoiding any king of loss and bad publicity amongst customers (Trends and Challenges for Work in the 21st Century, 2013).

Recruitment Plan It is important for Amazon to understand the fact that the general objective of recruitment is to provide the human resource manager with a pool of potentially qualified candidates. There is a need of identifying the present as well as the future requirements of Amazon in conjunction with firm’s job analysis and personnel planning activities. The firm must try to increase the pool of candidates by increasing minimum wage.

Amazon must also induce methods for increasing the success rate of their selection process by reducing the number of overqualified and under qualified candidates. The company’s recruitment strategy must be based on identifying and then preparing the potential candidates who will make the future workforce of the firm (Methods for recruiting Candidates, 2012). Methods for recruiting Candidates The methods of recruiting candidates that our team consider effective for your company are: Internal sourcing: it is method of advertising the newly vacant position within the organization. It can be consider effective while recruiting employees upwards.

External sourcing: it is methods of recruiting that involves conducting candidate through external recruitment tools such as through newspaper, job boards, trade publication announcements, etc. Third party selection: this involves using the headhunter or the placement agent to find suitable candidate for the vacant position (Richason, 2013). Selection Plan Selecting 7000 employees will not be easy for Amazon but the firm needs to develop effective selecting strategies in order to skim the qualified employees for the vacant position. The selection process is a crucial step as the performance and production value of the company increases by hiring qualified employees; however replacing employees after bad hires can be costly.

It is a strategically planned procedural process developed by the Human resource professional. It is implemented by firms for evaluating, recruiting and hiring new work force (How to Set Business Goals, 2013). Testing procedure: the nature of the testing procedure may depend upon the position for which the candidate is being recruited. There are number of test such as the aptitude and ability test, management trainee test, computer skills test, leadership talent test, etc.

Interview process considerations: the interview process consideration usually takes into account the essential steps that may be included in the process to effectively evaluate the candidate. Methods for selecting candidates: The methods of selecting candidate may be based on a series of steps. There may or may not be a sequence in the methods concerned with selecting candidates. The effective methods that can be used by your firm to select candidate should include: Resume and application form, online screening the candidates, interviews, shortlisting, ability and aptitude test and assessment centers. Interview will be conducted for screening and selecting employees as it is a more personal way for knowing about the candidate.

The face to face interaction also let the recruiters know about the level of confidence of candidate. Interviewing methods: there are two main interview methods that can be used by your firm for selecting candidates. These are: Unstructured Interview: in this method of interview no actual questions are prepared by the interviewer; however the interviewer are obliged to explain the purpose of study and particular focus to the candidate.

Structured Interview: in such interview an inventory of questions can be used by the interviewer. A sequence of activities may also be aligned by the interviewer to evaluate the candidate. The five interview questions that will be asked during the selection process will be: Why did you leave your last job? What were your responsibilities in your last job? How do you think you can valuably serve Amazon? Why do you think you are a suitable candidate for this position? Where you see yourself after 5 years of working with us? Conclusion Cost efficiency, best hire and legal concerns are the main reasons why the recruitment and selection process is considered to be so important for the firm.

Amazon is planning to hire 7,000 employees, if they do bad hiring due to their inefficient recruitment and selection methods, all their investment in training and orienting the employees will go down the drain. Amazon will be exposed to a diversity of candidates and therefore the firm must also make sure that the recruitment and selection methods being used are unbiased in order to avoid any discrimination lawsuits.

Amazon should offer equal opportunities for all the employees irrespective of their disabilities, race color, nationality, sexual orientation and religion. References Methods for recruiting Candidates. (2012). Retrieved June 27, 2014, from Brand Channel: http: //www. brandchannel. com/brand_speak. asp? bs_id=81 How to Set Business Goals. (2013). Retrieved June 27, 2014, from Inc. : http: //www. inc. com/guides/2010/06/setting-business-goals. html Trends and Challenges for Work in the 21st Century. (2013). Retrieved June 27, 2014, from Future Work: http: //www. dol. gov/oasam/programs/history/herman/reports/futurework/conference/trends/NewTrends_. htm Richason, O. E. (2013). Methods of Recruitment & Selection. Retrieved June 27, 2014, from http: //smallbusiness. chron. com/methods-recruitment-selection-2532.html

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