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RECRUITMENT AND SELECTION CONSULTATION By Recruitment and Selection Consultation The company considered in this case is Smarters Hotel, which is a company with a growing expansion in the hotel industry. The company has existed for a number of years and has grown to require a detailed accounting department that handles all the financial affairs of the company. It is to this that the management feels the need to hire an accounts assistant to aid the finance manager in providing accounting aid to the company. With a growing reputation and competition to worry about, the company has resorted to ensuring that the Human Resource team is detailed to have all works covered and in an economic, efficient and effective manner.

Position Description Template Position title: Accounts Assistant Position reports to: The Finance Manager Qualifications – essential A Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting or any equivalent qualification in relation to business accounting principles Good computer skills with vast knowledge of QuickBooks Accounting software and excel. Excellent communication skills Excellent Public relation skills with proficiency in English language Key objectives 1. Ensure regular proper record keeping on all transactions that the company engages in. 2.

Ensure regular reconciliations to ensure that the company’s finances remain in a good shape. 3. The regular verification of all receipts, reports or documents for the accounting department and transactional documents 4. Provision of supervision to the cahiers on a regular basis to ensure efficiency is achieved and they work as per the regulations of the company. 5. Provision of support to the finance manager in all aspects of the job that require accounting attention Key position functions 1. Regular reconciliations of sales, bank reconciliations, stock purchases, sales and expenses among others 2.

Recording of all expenses and other transactions in the business to help keep track of the cash movements 3. Aiding the Finance Manager in reporting aspects 4. Aiding in the budgeting process and ensuring that the budgets are followed strictly. 5. Provide reports to the finance manager and ultimately to the general management for review. Key selection criteria The selection of the rightful candidate for the job will include a detailed analysis of the different qualified applicants with focus on their financial and organization skills. The applicants will also undergo a personality test aimed at understanding them more as a way of preparing the company on how to deal with the employee.

From these various interviews, the applicants will then undergo a vigorous face-to-face interaction to test their knowledge on the subject matter and in seeking to identify their experience levels. The selection will serve the merit requirements with the best candidate taking the job. OHS requirement The company has an OHS committee that ensures each employee is protected from any health and safety issues (Koreneff 2005, p. 149).

The committee requires that each employee receive training on these in their first week of work and ensuring that they maintain the standards required of them. Terms and conditions of employment The employment will provide a temporary contract to the employee for a period of not less than six months after which the employee will undergo review to see how well they are progressing. The review also intends to provide the employees with a feedback on their performance in the company after which they will have the permanent employment basis contract that will open them to more benefits of employment.

Training evaluation form Task description Competent Not Yet Competent 1. Bank reconciliations. This will require monthly reconciliations of the bank statement with the cashbook to ensure that they are in order. Competent 2. Reports development on a weekly basis to keep the finance manager aware of the happenings of the business Competent 3. Book keeping activities that involve the identification, recording and the reporting of any financial transactions in the company Competent 4. Budgeting functions and ensuring that the budgets are followed at all times. Not competent 5.

Monitoring of daily purchases and expenses in the business Competent Method of delivery (please circle) 1. presentation e. g. lecture The method of delivery of the training to the employee will include the presentation method that connects the employee more to the trainer hence ensuring positive results are obtained. Rate the training: unsatisfactory  satisfactory Was sufficient time allowed for session? 1 2 3 4 5 Were there adequate resources? 1 2 3 4 5 Was method of delivery engaging? 1 2 3 4 5 Was instruction clear? 1 2 3 4 5 Was sufficient time allowed for discussion? 1 2 3 4 5 Were supporting documents useful? 1 2 3 4 5 What further training is needed with this task? The employee requires more training in the budgeting process. The employee will have to handle many budget activities in order to get accustomed to the budgeting process and how to ensure that the budget is enriched.

The employee will also need to train on how to monitor the budgets progress and ensure that the business environment is working within the limits of the budget. Are there any other areas/tasks that you would like training for? Please specify The employee requires to train also in areas such as the public relations part to help improve the interactions that he may have with the customers. The employee also requires more training in handling QuickBooks for accounting as a way of helping them address the aspects of competence and to avoid mistakes while handling the system.

In addition to the training provided, fire fighting, first aid delivery and OHS training is mandatory in the company. Are you interested in conducting training in any areas? Please specify Yes. Conducting training in areas like procurement systems and their management would help the employee easily mange monitoring the purchases and ensuring that they remain under control at all times.

Other training necessary may include constant updates on the reporting methods as per the accounting regulations. Reference List Koreneff, I. (2005) Information Technology. Sydney: Pascal Press.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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