Essays on Recruitment and Selection Consultation Essay

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The paper "Recruitment and Selection Consultation" is an outstanding example of a management essay. For the purpose of completing the assignment, the paper will choose to use John’ s shoe collection. This is a single shop stall in London that deals with men's and women's footwear. The shop employs five employees but has the capacity for ten in order to increase efficiency and serve the increasing number of consumers especially in the coming Christmas season. Since the foundation of the company, there have been many dead weights, time loss and high expenditures associated with the inefficiency that is in the company’ s recruitment process.

The paper is requesting a forensic audit of the current employees in order to determine the capability, duties and loopholes that have increased the expenditure so that it can help in improving the company through management of the human resource. The request to the manager is so that we can also examine whether there is a need to hire more, lose some employees or train them in the field of sales and marketing. Request The task of the assignment is to look at human resources as the fundamental input of any business; your business lacks precision, rules and guidelines associated with the work.

To improve it, there is a need to assess operations, the skill set that is available and finds means to work with them. So as to ease the burden on management, we request to use the shop as the study ground to help complete the course requirement while at the same time offer suggestions that can increase efficiency in the shop. The study will be brief taking between three to four days without major interruptions in the shop.

It will look at all the departments, supply, accounting product branding and sales. It will also look at convenience, coordination and incorporation of all the departments. Survey Report There are five main departments in the shop specifically management, accounting product and supply, sales and marketing and customer care.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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