Essays on When the Use of External Recruitment Agencies May Be Appropriate for Recruitment and Selection Assignment

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The paper “ When the Use of External Recruitment Agencies May Be Appropriate for Recruitment and Selection” is an intriguing variant of the assignment on human resources. Recruitment and selection are some of the most important components of the human resource role in organizations. Recruitment can be defined as the process of looking for and getting a pool of potential candidates that have the preferred knowledge, expertise, and experience to enable an organization to choose the most suitable individuals to fill its job vacancies based on specified descriptions and specifications.

The aim of recruitment is to obtain the broadest pool of applicants to offer the greatest chance to choose the people that are best suited for the roles in an organization. On the other hand, selection involves identifying from the pool of applicants attracted through recruitment, those that can be regarded as the most suitable for the available job positions. The aim of selection is to make sure that the most suitable individual or individuals are appointed to the position using appropriate, reasonable, and equitable evaluation practices. This essay will explore ways in which recruitment and selection can be cost-effective and efficient by ensuring that the process achieves its purpose without necessarily having to cost an organization a fortune. One of the most important ways of making recruitment and selection cost-effective is to target carefully the required pool of applicants.

To achieve this, the human resource personnel who spend time defining the type of knowledge, skills, and abilities required for a particular job can use the information that they have to establish which advertising channels are best suited to reach individuals who meet the specified requirements. There are various channels that organizations can use to ensure that recruitment and selection are efficient but not involving exorbitant costs.

For instance, depending on the nature of the job vacancy that is available, the human resource department of an organization can opt to recruit from internal talent pools as a way of reducing advertising and sourcing costs. Internal recruitment basically means that the organization seeks applicants for a job from among those people who are already inside the organization.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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