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The paper "Recruitment and Selection Package" is an engrossing example of coursework on human resources. The role of a team leader in any business or organization is very important. A team leader is tasked with the role of supervision and coordination of various functions in a business. The team leader will have a lot on his plate. The individuals have to match up to the required expectations. Team leaders are also the bridge that links up the employees and the business owners. The report endeavors to get the required outcome concerning the recruitment procedure of getting the correct candidates for the jobs stated.

Procedures and strategies that formulate the recruitment drives are important; wrong strategies may lead to poor outcomes. In the report, we will look at the task and the responsibilities that come alongside it. We will delve into the nature of the job and what it entails. It is important to know what the job demands. The strategy involved in the exercise would be outlined to better inform the reader on why the recruitment panel settled on a particular candidate as opposed to the other.

The principles and the selection criteria would be indicated so as to show the path taken to achieve the purpose. Techniques used will be mentioned. (Responding to selection criteria, 2013) In the recruitment strategy, we will look at the planning procedure. We will also look at how to best carry out the recruitment drive. The message to pass through the drive has to be clear and concise. The recruiting process will also be evaluated. The jo description will be clearly spelled out alongside the requirements that we need from the prospective candidates.

There will be a marking criterion for prospective candidates; so that we can choose the best performing according to the marks they would have individually scored. The report is working on the assumption that only the best candidates will get the nod to take up the jobs stated. The methodology that we enact is based according to wish and the liking of the organization`s members; we endeavor to come up with the system we deem best suited to serve our organization. (Monash University, n.d. ) The recruitment exercise Recruitment is the procedure that is conducted by individuals or organizations with the aim of attracting suitable candidates for particular jobs or assignments.

The process of recruitment is a very important function in any company. In the recruitment process, we will use Breaugh`s model. The recruitment of candidates warrants great attention because organizations rely so much on their employees` efforts for growth. Baugh's recruiting model offers various components like planning and development of a strategy model for the exercise. Recruitment activities and evaluation methods. (La Trobe University, n.d. ) Planning of the recruitment exercise We need to fill up three positions of team leaders.

The positions should be filled by candidates within the business. Promoting candidates from within helps the company continue with ease. We deemed that choosing or getting outsiders may harm the business's progress because the individuals may take a lot of time to learn the ropes. There are many people who may think otherwise concerning our decision to conduct recruitment internally. Internal recruitment bars employees from feeling as if they have been looked down up. (UMSL Logo College of Business Administration, n.d. )


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