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The paper "Job Recruitment Plan for the Role of a Retail Manager at Ensav Supermarkets" is a good example of a management case study. This document is a job recruitment plan for the role of a retail manager at Ensav supermarkets. Ensav is a nationwide retail chain that is spreading at a rate of five branches per year. Currently, the retailer has 350 branches across Australia. The top management at Ensav relies on its 350 retail store managers to run the business effectively. The retail sector job market is highly competitive with high incidences of poaching by competing firms.

Persons employed for this role at Ensav are generally expected to stay for 2 years. As a result of the intense competition, the annual turnover rate is at 9% per year. Recruitment strategy and advertising/recruitment plan and budget Ensav’ s recruitment strategy will focus on getting experienced managers with accumulated knowledge in retail store management. Ensav will have to employ a multidimensional strategy to fill the positions of retail managers. First, Ensav will recruit internally by advertising the retail manager's Jobs to experienced employees. Ensav will also recruit through respected recruitment and placement agencies that have adequate data on experienced candidates in retail management.

Finally, Ensav will use employees in a management position as recruiters. Existing employees will be encouraged to refer qualified and experienced retail store managers to Ensav for rewards after successful placement and probationary assessment. The identified methods are low cost and highly effective in attracting a targeted pool of quality candidates. Ensav will ensure diversity and inclusivity in a recruitment strategy. Ensav expects to attract at least 150 applicants for six open positions of the retail manager role.

This will come from the identified strategic recruitment plan. The roles will be advertised in local newspapers, Ensav’ s website, agencies’ websites, Ensav’ s notice boards, targeted internal emails and Ensav’ s social media accounts. These advertisement channels have the ability to reach a wider audience. The advertisements will run for a period of three weeks after which shortlisting of prequalified candidates will follow. External referrals and external headhunting may be employed. Cost of recruitment Internal recruitment will involve no cost as communication will be done through internal emails, word of mouth and Ensav’ s notice boards.

However, bonuses will be offered to employees who recruit successful candidates. The bonus will be a one-off payment of 30% of the salary of successful recruiters. A newspaper advertisement will run for three days in three weeks. The newspaper advertisement cost is estimated at $108,000. Recruitment agencies’ cost of recruitment is at $60,000.   Recruitment advertisement Position: Retail Store Manager Location: Canberra, Australia Who we are: Ensav is a leading Australian retailer with branches all over Australia. We are currently accepting applications for the position of retail store manager. Job description: Planning and coordinating store operations Interviewing, recruiting and training staff Maintaining high store performance Reporting on current and future customer trends ensuring high quality of service Ensuring the store achieves its sales and profits targets as set by the management *Visit www. Ensav. com for full job description and specification If you feel you have what we are looking for, kindly fill in the application form accessible through our website: http: //careers. Ensav. com before 30th 2014. Decision-making strategy and criterion The selection process will apply multiple regression strategies.

This strategy is suited for recruitment processes where predictors are linearly related to the criterion.

Absence of one predictor can be compensated for by another. Multiple regression strategies offer flexibility to handle nominal data and nonlinear relationships in large samples. Decision making will be based on cutoff scores to be agreed upon by the management. The cutoff scores should be set above the average mark to ensure that the minimum standards for the job are met. The candidates that score highest above the cutoff point will be considered first. In case no candidate meets the required cutoff point, management may consider reviewing it downwards.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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