Essays on Brand Marketing of Red Bull Case Study

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The paper "Brand Marketing of Red Bull" is a perfect example of a case study on marketing. Red Bull Company was officially launched in Austria, the year 1987 by Dietrich Mateschitz as the founder. He had been employed as a marketing executive for many other companies dealing in toothpaste and cosmetics. He made extensive research and created Red Bull, a carbonated and modified version of an energy drink he had come across in Thailand. The company was established in Austria for five years before making entry to the international market.

The significant growth of the Red Bull brand is generally accredited to the skillful marketing strategies put in place by the company’ s management, its uniqueness, proper strategic planning, and innovativeness. These aspects led to the success of Red Bull Company and enabled marketing of the brand to a high-quality product. Red Bull has since then enjoyed a stable market share in the category of energy drinks despite competition from other well-established beverage companies. This report is an assessment of a critical range of areas involved in the brand marketing of Red Bull. Red Bull has undergone transition making the brand an acceptable energy drink product.

This was achieved by the strategic entry into the market which created more expectations for the consumers. Despite the fact that Red bull was new in the energy drinks industry, its marketing strategy chiefly attributed to its success. This engrossed a small number of employees despite its growth and inclination of marketing strategy towards simple commercials on television. In this sense, the enormous growth of Red Bull in the US and most European countries is used in this report to demonstrate the important aspects of brand marketing. Brand Exploration Red bull was discovered in the European market as an energy drink.

The brand has been associated with a unique name eliciting feelings of being energized. Red bull slogan and packaging design uniquely distinguished the drink creating lasting memories in the minds of the consumers. The red bull logo is one of the strong elements of the brand that has enabled the distinction of the brand from other drinks and also it has enabled easy communication of the energy drink concept (Cui, 2003).

Performance of Red bull brand has been associated with the following factors; Brand positioning First and foremost, marketing research contributed to the success of the Red bull as a brand. Brand positioning was one of the main concepts considered when carrying out marketing of the Red bull brand. Red bull was positioned as a rejuvenation drink which could be drunk at any time of the day. It was given a brand position phrase “ Revitalizes body and mind” which portrayed it as a drink for any occasion and activity.

The association of the drink with physical endurance, feeling of well being and stimulation positioned the drink as a source of energy for everybody in the community (Hart, 1999).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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