Essays on Brand Development and Marketing of Red Bull Case Study

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The paper "Brand Development and Marketing of Red Bull" is a perfect example of a case study on marketing. Red Bull is a company that was founded by Mateschitz to produce an excellent fizzy drink that provides power to an individual. Red Bull began selling its drink to the Austrian market in 1987 and five years to some countries in Europe like France, England, and Denmark. In 1986, a group of marketing professionals under the guidance of Mateschitz carried out far-reaching market research with the aim of finding ways on how to find better ways of packaging and developing their drink to meet all that customers preferred.

They identified four sources of brand equity that they could use to make a distinction of their product from others in the market so as to gain the market edge. These are flavor, packaging, positioning, and price of the product. Most of the fundamental qualities of their drink include; improvements of material persistence and elevated psychological activity, fast response and hastened metabolism and waste elimination (Kapferer 44). The objective of using flavor as a source of brand equity was to create a distinction of the drink and to illustrate to the public that it was a power-enhancing drink that is closely related to the syrupy fizzy cola.

The taste of the drink was further enhanced by serving it when cold since the majority of its users preferred its pleasurable taste in that condition. Other consumers commended the drink for its therapeutic savor and they used it further than just for the intention of refreshment (Parry 39). An additional basis of sourcing brand equity arose from how the commodity was packaged and it incorporated the utilization of shiny containers of Japanese origin with the sole aim of showing the consumers that they were dissimilar in its contents from the other competing brands.

In addition to this, two bulls colliding head-on at the face a golden sun constituted the logo with the expressions “ Energy drink” written under the container and this clearly brought out the advantages of using the drink (Temporal 76). The consumers were supposed to buy single containers of the drink with the equivalent cost charged for individual customers who may have purchased several containers of the drink.

Consumers found the can more attractive over a chocolate glass manufactured afterward. Positioning of the drink was another technique used by the Red Bull as a source of brand equity with special emphasis on the utilization of the slogan, “ Revitalizes body and mind” thus flexibly placed their drink in the market given that it did not explicitly point out the occasions in which the drink could be consumed and that it was not confined to certain occurrences like the competing drinks in the market (Aaker, et.

al. 82).   This facilitated the growth and expansion of the drink to every section of the market and among the earliest consumers of the Red Bull were club-goers and dancers during their festivities making them possible to continue being fresh throughout the night.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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