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RED BULL Introduction The red bull company is one of the multinational firms. It has been in the business operations for more than four decades. Its background initiation is traced from the time it was launched in the state of Australia. From its initial set up in the beginning, the company has grown and expanded throughout in the competitive market with other companies. Its continued operation is not only an issued attached to a single operation strategy. It is an issue that has been attained through a compound of event in the usage of technology and information to place the firm in the position of advantages.

While the company’s cores purpose for its introduction to the manufacturing industries was in the production of just some soft drinks, the management of the company was in the prior position to carry out research on the company. This comprised of certain crucial information for the establishment of the better quality product and also in the general company management through the product market management. (Majone, 1998) The red bull company was at first in the highest risky of problem because of the lack of proper technology use in the sourcing and dissemination of information.

It was in its first products of whereby the producers where plainly and vividly able to acquires all the information needed in the manufacture of this highly treasured drink. Due to minimal restriction on the protocol of manufacture of such drinks, the company was then vulnerable to have competitive products being manufactured by other companies. This was one of the risky ways of which the company had no legal authority to bar any of the manufacturers who intended to do so.

This is because a part from exposing the technological know how on the manufacturing requirements on a plainly manners, it was well understood that the company had not patented the products manufacture. This means that the company’s information was loosely and poorly managed, leading to a very serious problem both in the legal and marketing of the products (Foster, 1996). As the past time and failure act as the stepping stone to aim higher, information which were gained from such mistakes led to advances over the management of the information making the company to provides and apply new ways of information management.

The company has since then changed with the transitions on information and technology making it the most leading company which is ranked in the top ten best companies. In this new era of technology, the company can be said to be fairly conversant with the application technology in many different areas of creating and widening of the marketing.

Through their effort on the search for marketing, the company would realize the needs of the customers’ needs and the best market place where it can sell its products. This is evidenced by the facts the in the past place of marketing of their products, the company failed terribly. Then following the marketing research report which reviewed that their products did not pick up well after marketing, they had a chance of establishing that this was exactly developed problem from lack of best marketing placement of the product.

The company could now had to establish and adjust it marketing of the products which are energy based products from the normal market to sports and games ground as well as in hospitals for patient use. Here they would obtain ready market. The initiation of such strategy within the company was the geared towards securing better sales boosts which accomplish seeds and has continued to be revived through setting up subsidiary companies which manufactures tools and equipment based on sports and games.

The company takes the first initiative on the application of the new sporting kits which attracts many fan clients of sport players, thus acting both as future consumers of the sports products of their subsidiaries ands as consumers of the drink products. (Foster, 1996) While the company is now binge viewed on the international level, it can be assumed that it has been in the forefront of using the new technologies of advertising of its products. However, through the information usage to evaluation on the best ways of advertising, it was established that the company has not widely use such advertising techniques.

This does not means that it lagged behind in terms of advertising technology. It has well established subsidiary companies which deal with electronic development on internet development work. It is thus advanced in collaboration with these subsidiaries companies, in the world wide advertising through such channel which are developed. This internet advertising together with television adverting forms parts of technology development and application in the company. This least developed technology which is in use within this company is the one which involves production of prints.

Thus the company rarely uses this form in its activities of either marketing or advertisings. Perhaps the low technology produces the products in the dullest states possible hence they opt for the alternative way of televisions and internet. (Helsinki, 2002) Competitive strategy When then company is scrutinized in product variety manufacture, the company is well famous by specializing in energy drinks. This forms one of the core competency strategies while compared with other competing companies. Apart from being a company specialized in energy drinks, it has also some other unique products which are medicinal based category such as the czarpe Diem herbal soft drinks, sabai wine spritzer and the Thai krafting daeng.

These unique products have received wide acceptance both in the local markets and in the international markets. Having gone to the global market, the company means that it has wide market where it can distributes its products. It has established growing markets in the United kingdoms and Asian continents making g largest sale in the New Zealand, Australia and Canada.

Due to the widening of the markets which has enabled it to have bigger returns, its products have always sold moderately cheaply through the widely variety of beverages in the market. (Porter, 1985) Although there is stiff competitive market, the company products are of best quality in the category of functional beverages having exotic ingredients. These active quality products are then reaching an overwhelming result in the markets as energy consumers like players and sick individual are continually growing more and a more. The company is now then strategizing on young and energetic consumers based on the energy requirement in different fields of work.

This is enabling the company to take the advantage of expanding the market by directing the products to those people involved in busy works that require much energy consumption. The specialization on energy drinks makes it to compete well than its competitors such Coca-Cola, Pepsi and rockstar whose market products seeming is wide but full competitive for their soft drinks and alcoholic products. (Helsinki, 2002) Other than this specialization strategy, red bull has been innovative in the products manufactures making it not only an energy drink but also expanding it to multi- purpose use.

It has therefore through this multi-purpose manufacturing of its products been able to be another special competitor with those companies in line of product manufacture in coffee, tea and soda beverages. In addition to being competitors to these, it has expanded its innovativeness to include vitamins and Alcoholic manufacturers as well as drug maker which are indirectly perceived effect of the company product through the use of the product by the consumers for such purposes.

(Porter, 1985) Anther competitive strategy is that the company produces products which are targeted to young adult consumers who are in the age brackets of sixteen and twenty nine years. This means that these are people who have gone to their urban profession, people who are just posts secondary students with a lot of funds for their pleasures and leisure as for they have got few activities in the investment world. This mainly explains why the company would use sports as majors marketing strategy as many people who are involved in sports are the young men.

However, it is pointed out that the company has got one major challenging drawback when it comes in through the management of prices and products. This is because they have only one product sized which is distributed in the many countries of its operation. considering that people have different purchasing power this may lessen the sales due to different quantity a preference of its consumers It is also noticed that in comparison to other company’s product the products is highly priced and has got just two varieties.

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