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How blind people live with the help of Dog guide and cane sick and how it works During the presentation, the first presenter was a blind woman, who was walking with the assistance of a cane stick. The presenter started her presentation by saying that people should learn that blindness should not prevent them from living normal and their lives. She said that people who are blind or visually impaired are normal humans with a disability to see objects normally but they can be able to move around independently.

There are numerous ways for a blind person to move from one place to another. During the presentation, it was when I have to learn about how blind people use Dog guide and cane sticks. She said that if someone finds that he or she has some difficulties in seeing objects when they drop-off or even locating paths, it is time to consider using a guide dog of cane stick. Long canes are made to reach past the next steps and they normally have a rubber clutch and a red segment at the bottom.

The presenter said that instructions in using a guide dog were usually given at a training institution. I learned that a long cane stick is used as an obstacle detector as it helps one detect drop-offs and objects along paths. On the other hand, guide, the dog is used as an obstacle avoider. By holding the harness, a person is led around obstructions and prompts a person to stop at stars and curbs. I understood that some people who are visually impaired or blind experience a range of emotions such as anger, shock and denial before they appreciate their condition.

Blind individuals should seek professional help to be trained on how to use guide dogs and cane sticks. LGTBQ in the Society The second presenter defined LGBTQ as persons who are recognized as lesbians, bisexuals, gays or transgender, and they are said to be positioned at a social-economic disadvantage. From the presenter’s point of view, LGBTQ is likely to have higher education than the general population. These persons have a lesser incomes than their heterosexual counterparts do.

From the presentation, I realized that discrimination of LGBTQ individuals in society is a major factor that contributes to the disparities in their social-economic status. Unfair treatment and discrimination of LGBTQ people remains legally acceptable. Fear of harassment and lack of acceptance leads to many LGBTQ youths leaving their homes to live in streets or transitional homes. It was the presentation where I learned that LGBTQ is a primary cause that have left much youths homeless. In the society, LGBTQ is becoming more and more acceptable despite the increased public opposition same – gender marriage.

The presenter argued that most people think engaging in homosexual acts is a sin (King 78). From the presentation, I realized that the majority of America (approximately fifty –eight percent) argues LGBTQ persons should be appreciated in the society, instead of being persecuted. I learned the majority supporters of LGBTQ were young people as about sixty percent of them are homosexuals. Majorities across many demographic groups suggest that the society should accept LGBTQ, but there are many religious and political opinions about the same.

The presenters said that recent opposition to gay and lesbian marriage had decreased to about forty-six percent. In their argument, they said that advocates of same-sex marriage variety of advantages, which are denied to persons who cannot marry such as health care, immigration, property rights, inheritance and other family obligations. Towards the end of the presentation, the speakers said that LBGTQ should be accepted in the society, and the communities should stop discriminating and persecuting such persons. People living with physical disabilities and how the society treats them in a bad way The third presentation focused on people living with physical disability and how society treats them in a bad way.

The presenter started the presentation by referring persons with physical disabilities as unique human being with unique abilities. He said that it is the time that the society changes its perception about persons with disabilities and start seeing them as their equals. The emerging technology has uplifted the lives of persons with physical disabilities as it has helped them become independent. For instance, crippled persons have wheelchairs that help move around and carry out tasks for themselves.

According to the presenter, disabled persons are also people and they have interests and needs. This educative presentation taught me that disable persons are ordinary people who seek to live normal lives. In the society where I come from, persons with disabilities were regarded as individuals to be feared and pitied. Nowadays people have changed this perception as they have seen successful people who have disabilities and these are becoming more and more independent. The presenter said that he leads a movement that advocates that persons with disabilities should be treated with respect and dignity.

In addition, he said that a disabled person should not be denied job opportunities and should be elected to influential positions. In some communities, individuals with a disability are treated as bad luck, outcast or even evil spirits. The presenter said that the society should change their perception about people with physical disabilities and treat them in a better way. It was from this presentation that I developed an interest in working with people disabilities, and this changed my perception for them. How police are racists The final presentation was made by an African American presenter who was concerned about American authorities are racists.

The presenter said that racism is real, and it is happening everywhere in America. He said that in St Louis neighborhood and other parts of America, people of color face embedded racism and a second-class treatment. On a statistical presentation, I realized that police kills blacks almost twice as any other ethnic group. He said that in custodies, more blacks are likely to die than the whites are.

Blacks are typically associated with criminal activities, and they are usually the first to be arrested in case a crime is committed. The speaker that he once experienced some harassment from the police arguing that he intended to commit an offence. The speaker said that the government should organize, mobilize and find the best policies to stop police officers from harassing and hurting African America (King 100). . Additionally, the presenter argued that African American should be regarded as patriotic Americans meaning no harm to the country.

Political leaders have failed to bring change as they have failed to control excessive imprisonment and policing rates of blacks. The whole session was very educative as it helped me change perception about some issues. The first presentation helped me appreciate people with who are blind or visually impaired even. I admired the confidence the blind woman as she walked confidently with the assistance of a guide dog. The presentation from the LGBTQ students was also educative as I learned the challenges that they face in their status.

The presentation about people with physical disabilities changed my perception about persons with disabilities, and I have learned to appreciate and love them even more. The last presentation was enlightening, as I did not understand what African Americans were experiencing at the hands of the authorities. Work Cited King, Lawrence J. Hate and Discrimination in America. New York: Xlibris Corporation, 2010.

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