Essays on Entrepreneurship and Critical Thinking Coursework

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The paper "Entrepreneurship and Critical Thinking" is a good example of management coursework. This report reflects my experience and learnings that I acquired during my class lectures. I also developed a career draft and research on my future aspirations. My report focuses mainly on skills, experience and learning that I may require after the completion of my MBA. My report mainly divided into introduction, literature review, research methodology, discussion of results and conclusion. Introduction of my report will narrate my experience, a literature review will tell about the work and studies of my future career that is entrepreneurship and in the section of methodology, I chose a qualitative method to carry out my research and ultimately I will discuss my results finding and draw a conclusion. Introduction It was a great opportunity to learn new concepts and skills during my intensive.

I have learned many useful concepts like working in a team, self-awareness and critical thinking, design thinking, project management, career and employability, negotiation skills, and business communication. These topics not only gave me deep insight into the factors and skills that can influence my future career and progress but also helped me in learning new business handling skills.

I also realized if I manage to learn these concepts they can prove very productive in my future career that is entrepreneurship. I always have the ambition to become an entrepreneur that is the reason I chose business as my major. If I talk about entrepreneurship it is a challenging job and to become a successful entrepreneur I should have extraordinary insights and skills of business because the only capable entrepreneur can infuse value by receiving or bundling the necessary skills and resources. Context and learnings I learned lots of new things.

Even topics were not new but their perspectives were new to me. Like in working in lectures of a business team I came to know about the attributes of high performing and different leadership styles. In leadership styles, I learned about entrepreneurial leadership style which let me become further awareness about the concept of entrepreneurship and I came to know new dimensions of my future career. Moreover, if I want to become a successful entrepreneur I should know how to make the best possible decision.

It is a challenging job that needs critical thinking. In addition, with the help of critical thinking, design thinking and self-evaluation lecture, I gained new skills of calculating risk and evaluating performance that can help me in my future endeavor as an entrepreneur. Furthermore, I have also learned project management and business communications skills and these two skills are considered as a foundation of entrepreneur career. Project management helped me in learning scheduling, budgeting and analyzing the subject matter of the project. in my entrepreneurial career, it will help me in analyzing problems on various stages and it will also give me new ideas on how to push the project towards its final milestone. Moreover, the success of the entrepreneur is determined by the abilities of communication if someone is good in communication he can be more competent and confident.

For this purpose business communication lectures had great importance for my career. I learned different communication like effective verbal skills, non-verbal skills, appropriate body gestures, managing emotions and stress during work, and attentive listening.

These effective communication skills have also developed negotiation skills in me and with the help of a clear understanding of the negotiation process and effective negotiation skills, I have learned how to set difference and conflicts in a group. Furthermore, my teacher also gave an intensive lecture on career and employability issue. From that lecture, I came to know about the future employability skills that I should have to become a successful entrepreneur.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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