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Essays on How Can an Understanding of the Values, Beliefs, and Practices of Different Cultures Benefit Learners Essay

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The paper “ How Can an Understanding of the Values, Beliefs, and Practices of Different Cultures Benefit Learners? " is a dramatic variant of an essay on social science. Different beliefs, values, and practices affect or benefit the learners. This is because they are the main components’ of culture. Culture refers to the different values, traditions, practices, and rules that govern a particular community (Chris, 2003). Understanding and appreciating different cultures is very important to the learners. This is because not all cultural practices and beliefs are acceptable to other communities.

Most of the cultural practices are gender-oriented. This means that there are roles, which are associated with gender. In other words, as a result of some of these roles, there are taboos. This explains the emergence and role of feminists in society and mainly in the process of learning. Feminism is termed that has been widely described in different ways and by different people. It refers to the aspect of different beliefs put across by people as far as gender equality importance is concerned. This goes further to dismiss the fact that the hierarchy of gender is just but a social perception.

The concept of feminism has brought a great change in the area of human beings' lifestyles and the education sector. This is because the feminist has continuously staged their consents as far as the rights of women are concerned in terms of social, political, health, economic and legal rights are concerned. Socially, issues the right to inherit property have been discussed. Legally, the rights to cast a vote, own property and get a contract. Health wises the issues of reproductive health as far as abortion is concerned to have been tackled.

Economically, issues of discrimination in the workplace, maternity leave and reception in the workplace have been accounted for (Cornell, 1998). The process of Feminism has been through three main stages namely the first wave, the second wave, and the third wave. During the first wave, which took place in the U. K and the US at around the early 20th century, issues of right for the women to get an education, contracts, property ownership and possessiveness of women and children by their husbands were dealt with.

Further, issues of sexual violence, economic rights, the right to political power and the right to vote were dealt with. The second wave which was in 1960 on the other hand, focused on the issue of social inequality and more of their political rights since that was important as far as an individual woman’ s life is concerned. The social belief that women can only and only find their personal fulfillment in homemaking and bearing children was discussed in depth. Finally, the third wave, which took place in 1990, was a reaction against much of what was done in the second wave (Humm, 1992). PostfeminismPostfeminism is a term that describes a wide range of arguments against the issue of feminist.

As far as post-feminism is concerned, the goals of the first wave were achieved but a lot has been criticized as far as the second and the third ones are concerned. Many critical ideas have been suggested which were focused on exposing the challenges of the ideas brought forth in the second wave. Arguments have gone to the extent of claiming that feminism in the current society is invalid.

Much of the work done by the post feminists argue that the agenda of feminism is separating the people of opposite sexes instead of reuniting them. Most of the claims alleged by the feminist were dismissed in the sense that they lacked evidence. It was claimed that most of the issues dealt with in feminism were just of self-interest.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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