Essays on Culture as a Significant Determinant of Diversity Assignment

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The paper "Culture as a Significant Determinant of Diversity" is a wonderful example of an assignment on management. Reasons for studying at university For a person to embark on a high level of success throughout their personal and professional lives, an in-depth understanding of the concepts relating to self-development is required. When I enrolled for this module, it was like wadding into the unfamiliar waters, but with time and unique delivery content, I immediately settled. Teaching forms an integral part in human resource development, not only that but also it acts as a critical contributor to the imparting of general knowledge, technical skills, social skills, indigenous knowledge and holistic development of human beings and the society at large.

The teacher often becomes the integral focal point of oscillation as he or she acts as the link between knowledge and the student. I decided precisely to enroll in university so as to sharpen my soft and technical skills. This is coupled with the high reputation of the university in content delivery. Technical skills comprise of specialized areas of knowledge and expertise and the ability to apply that knowledge.

Technical skills are acquired through formal education, through training and job experience Depending on the position of an employee in the management hierarchy, all have a part to play and thus they need some technical management skills. Soft skills are skills over and above the technical knowledge and expertise in the chosen field, required for an individual to relate to and survive and succeed in his or her environment. These include leadership, empathy, communication skills, negotiation skills, conflict resolution amongst others. The above will help me in my career goal of gathering relevant professional skills and knowledge.

These skills would expediently go a long way to empower me to perform my designated duties above board. In addition, it will enable me to utilize my acquired skills in conjunction with my colleagues for the continuous growth and development of the community and the country at large. Thirdly, I would wish to work in a vibrant environment and/or organization that encourages capacity building, present opportunities to practice and improve my educational knowledge and acquire new skills so that I can scale greater heights.

Lastly, I long to work in a challenging environment, turning problems into solutions and opportunities through a joint effort, creativity and innovation for best results while upholding integrity, ethical standards, and professionalism. These dreams are only possible with a refined education imparted on me so that I can effectively utilize them. Past learning practices and how they are changing From the course, I have learned my interpersonal skills. I have learned that I lean towards the practical aspects of work than the theoretical as I find it easy to give tangible examples to change a situation.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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