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The paper "Shades of Pink by Kim, Bo Sun" is a good example of an article on social science. Different projects are conducted worldwide to engage children in different learning and study exercises. ‘ Shades of Pink’ is also a learning project which included six preschoolers and their teacher. Through the collaboration of their teacher, the preschoolers were able to learn different shades and colors of pink. This paper aims to discuss the project in brief as to how the children were engaged in the learning phase and how they showed creativity and a rich understanding of the project. The children were engaged in the project in a way that seemed interested.

The teacher made them engaged in the project and emphasized on teaching them the shades through different experiments. All these theories and experiments were used as a tool of art which helped the children towards their learning and understanding of pink color (Kim). "Every child is creative and full of potential and has a desire and right to make meaning within a context of rich relationships". The children are capable of learning and being taught in different ways.

However, all of them make them learn and sharpens their learning capabilities and their understanding of certain things. In this project, the six preschoolers were first able to make a hypothesis. Once they made the hypothesis they tried to make its relationship with that of the theories and their understanding through elaboration and testing. Once they were done with their expression with the help of their teacher Ms. Mistry they shared their ideas (Kim). When we talk about children and art and then it is important to understand that these two have a very strong relationship.

It is the most powerful and simplest way for children to express and explore their selves. It is a kind of child language. Therefore, Shades of Pink also took advantage of it and used it as a platform to teach and educate the preschoolers.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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