Essays on Whether the Personality Profile Is Accurate Based on the Result of the Big Five Traits Assignment

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The paper "Whether the Personality Profile Is Accurate Based on the Result of the Big Five Traits" is a great example of a management assignment.   Interacting with a set of characteristics is what is referred to as personality. The rationale of this read is to reflect on a personal profile. The paper analyzes whether the personality profile is accurate based on the result of the big five traits. It also seeks to find out the managerial strengths and weaknesses and why they are strengths and weakness. Further, it also looks forward to knowing how I can strengthen my profile and improves on weaknesses. Question 1: Determining whether my profile is accurate based on evidence Personality is regarded as an interacting set of characteristics.

In this regard, I am reflecting on my profile to evaluate whether it is accurate. All aspects of personality are related, and they should interact with each other (Mlinarič & Podlesek 2013). It would not be accurate to imagine that a high score on a particular trait on my profile amounts to accuracy. Based on the result of my big five scores for neuroticism, I got an average score.

Neuroticism is a tendency to act with negative emotions to frustrations, threat or loss (Vanessa 2013). As a neurotic person, I can be motivated to work hard to avoid disappointing my colleagues. I am not highly affected by neuroticism as I have a high level of conscientiousness. Conscientious people are always good planners and perfect (Chan 2014). As much as I experience worry, I channel them into positive behaviors. Additionally, I do not get angry easily which enables me to deal with my emotions appropriately. As a manager, I often get stressed and depressed, but the most important thing is how I deal with these conditions.

Neurotic persons often look for ways that help them channel the anxiety which motivates them even work gets harder. It is necessary to be composed to avoid stress which can lead to neuroticism disorders (Musek 2007). Conversely, as a manager, it is necessary to have low scores on neuroticism, as you will be understood to be relatively less reactive to stress, emotionally stable and more importantly tend to be calm.

It is not appropriate for managers to have the inability to deal with negative emotions since the management job is not a simple task (Bozionelos, 2004). However, you can be able to deal perfectly with a positive feeling. Additionally, my big five indicates that I love making friends, I am a cheerful person, and I always get involved with other persons. These are positive traits that make my profile look even much better and accurate. Extraverts often take actions, they are enthusiastic, and more importantly, they do not like missing an opportunity (Matzle, Bidmon, & Krä uter 2006). A sample of my traits includes; attending parties, initiating conversation, associating with people in parties.

Additionally, I do not mind being the center of attraction and always feel comfortable around people. My score on Extraversion is average indicating that I am neither a controlled loner nor cheerful gossip. I always enjoy the companionship of others, and I also enjoy my time alone. Extraversion is a trait that is involved in an engagement to the external world (Thomas 2006).

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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