Essays on Reflection And Professional Development Assignment

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Introduction As a student, learning journal is a sensible idea that will enable me to record the learning experiences that I have had in the early stages at this institution. I have learned, my experiences in learning will play a host to a large number of experiences as the student settles into the way of an employment, also the student is able to gain some practical skills which cannot be acquired without hands-on experiences that are gained through learning journal. I have also learned, learning journal is appropriated to my current situation, because learning experience occurs at all stages at this institution but sometimes are less apparent.

I have realized, the difficult part for a student is to recognize an experience and put such experience into practical. Analysis of learningStudents usually learn better when they can see relevance as to why they are following a learning program of study (Hainer, 1968). When a institution conducts learning analysis with students, learning analysis will identify programs the students need; this include schedules, course content, etc. . and these programs should be in line with the needs of the student, and this is through assisting the students to identify in his own learning.

As a student undertaking the Personal and Professional Development module, I learned the following: Personal development; as a student undertaking Personal and Professional Development module, according to my understand of personal development; it can be referred to as, any process which aids and reinforces learning in a student and personal development can be fully be in sympathy with values that are found in learning. Personal development usually is made up of activities which encourage personal aspirations and reflection, personal development will take place in a mind of a student, this will involve a range of activities; from in discussion with fellow students and teachers, tutorial, how a student can improve his/her grades, and through assignments.

Personal development in a student is all about involvement, engagement and motivation (Bovée, 2003). According to the module, personal development has been designed to promote student’s awareness and articulation in learning, increase the ability of a student to clarify goals and to be involved in their own learning.

I also realised personal development attribute is essential in professional development, success in career management, lifelong learning, and this processes in a student will make a contribution towards his/her employability. Personal development will help a student: to recognise his/her own strengths and weaknesses, plan their own personal and academic development (Willes, 1999), student will be able to review his/her progress, student will be able to be prepared in looking for employment; by bring out skills which are needed by potential employers (Bovée, 2003). I have also realised student reflection is an essential component of learning and it represent learning.

In reflection, a student will try to understand the various materials they encounter and try to relate materials those materials to what they already know. Sometimes a student can modify the things he/she already know with new materials- deep approach (Bovée, 2003), this attributes will also be involved in representing learning. For example, a student may understand is being tested in format that demands thinking or reprocessing of ideas. I also learn reflection provide right conditions for student learning, for example, when a student is reflective mood its slow down learning; a student requires time to reprocess ideas, it helps a student to have a feel they own their knowledge, when a student reflect on complicated materials its challenges the student, the student will gain greater abilities in dealing with materials which need hard thinking.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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