Essays on Statistics as Science of Counting Essay

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The paper "Statistics as Science of Counting" is an outstanding example of an essay on statistics. The great English statistician and economist defined statistics as “ science of counting Statistics play an important role in our daily routine life. Statistics are greatly applicable to the politics and the elections, statistics help in almost all the disciplines of politics, funds distribution amongst constituencies, elections outcomes both the local, and nationwide, politicians performance and achievements in a particular span of time, this is judged through their achievements that can be summarized by the facts and figures collected through statistical studies.

Popularity curves are the most important gift of statistics and that helps in a massive amount judging their own performance. This is obtained through conducting opinion polls. Based on the curves and quarterly reports in time changes and measures can be taken, Since a large number of funds are associated with the political processes and the campaigning and party maintenance, the funds so distributed can be done through statistical facts and figures, finally analysis of quantitative data, Different policies are made based on statistics. In short, statistics play the role of a backbone in politics and all decisions, administrative, and functional can be taken in the right scope with the help of statistics. The nonprofit organizations require statistics in every step of their routine activities.

In broader perceptive statistics help determining the total expenses incurred which includes the monthly and annual payments, wages to the employees, statistics help determining the areas to invest in by calculating the feasibility of any endeavor, On Administrative front statistics play a pivotal role in nonprofit organizations, since any organization needs an infrastructure to operate, users performance can be gauged through statistical measures.

Annual reports and data in terms of the progress made in a certain period of time help to estimate and analyze the contribution of donors in a particular area of interest. An important contribution of statistics is the identification of sectors that can pay dividends in terms of company growth, public welfare, and overall successful operations. Fund-raising is important phenomenon in the context of nonprofit organizations, through statistics the areas can be identified that are fruitful for the cause; Balance in payment distribution is possible through statistics.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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