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The paper "Management of Computing Resources" is an outstanding example of management coursework.   Management computing resources is about the management of resources, issues and change (Tevfik, 2012). Although I have not practised as information systems professionals, I feel that change forces of long-term change are shifting behavior and performance of companies and organizations. I learned that change in digital infrastructure, global public policy, social and working practices, and new flows of knowledge have altered economic structure, capital and flow of information around the world. Majendran (2013) argues that while organizations experience changes in business operations and Information Technology (IT), challenges arise on dependency, security and governance as well as roles and responsibilities of employees in the functions.

However, Al-Qirim (2012) suggests that organizations respond to such challenges by outsourcing specific services such as access to new technology, high-quality services from the outsourcer and access to experts. I learned that these experts have specific skills and competencies to handle issues such as those states in cloud computing. I have been thinking of how I can improve on lifelong skills to harness critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, communication, computing, career and cross-cultural understanding.

I found that I need to focus on my future professional practice in business information systems in a more broad and practical way. I will require RMIT graduate attributes such as innovation, growth mindset, lifelong learning, global outlook, environmental awareness and work-readiness. I have learned that problem-solving in business information systems is multidisciplinary and transcends departments. As Casciaro and Piskorski (2004) reiterate, the resource-based view of a firm, interdependent relationships arise from a power imbalance, and that possession of certain resources creates the notion of power.

I have learned that organizations should develop certain resources for them to have a notion of power. At an individual level, I feel that in the context of managing computing resources, I need to develop such as skills as problem-solving, decision making, people management and change management to also have a notion of power. Week 2 Entry Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) is a means of improving decision quality. According to Sackett, et al. (1996, p. 71), EBP refers to a judicious, explicit and conscientious use of current best evidence and skills by a doctor to make decisions on individual patient care based on external evidence and personal experience.

I made an attempt to relate EBP in clinical medicine with that of managing computing resources and found that it had similar steps. I learned that the five-As of Ask, Acquire, Appraise, Apply and Assess apply in both contexts. I also feel that I need to develop the good evidence-based practice by using evidence, facts and reflecting on ethical implications of any decisions made. Evidence-based practice has challenges in the application in the context of information systems such as the difficulty of identifying causes and effects, the relative paucity of independent assessment and discovering the realities of what happened (Demner-Fushman, et al.

2008). I learned that overcoming such challenges requires accountability, expert skill and intuition, research, decision supports and critical thinking. I learned that in business information systems, we are looking for studies with the highest level of evidence and design that best answers the question.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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