Essays on Reflection Of Your Self Experience Assignment

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IntroductionAugust session was one of my most felt semesters in university. It was during this time that I realized my potential as far as leadership is concerned. It was during the study of critical and creative thinking unit that I found myself leading a group discussion, which constituted four group members. Our lecturer had given us a scenario and wanted us to discuss and analyze it on what we thought was the best decision for the team leader on the mountain to take. This report is going to reflect on what my group went through.

The analysis will be guided by john’s four-step framework. 2.0 Problem and contextI had participated in several discussion groups but it is this discussion group that really constituted a turning point in my life. As usual, the lecturer could assign a question and request for a requested for a group leader who is bold and courageous from each group. In the past discussions, I had never got any chance of being selected as a group leader mainly due to the fact that my characters did not qualify the “standards of a leader” I normally view myself as a shy person who cannot lead a group(Northouse, 2004).

However, through some means, which I did not understand, I found myself being selected as a leader of a group, which constituted of three members. The scenario we were to analyze was actually a difficult one and I doubt myself at first on whether we would actually succeed. To make the matter worst, my group members seem so talkative and outgoing than I was. The actual problem went this way. “A certain group of people had gone for mountain climbing expedition.

They successfully climbed up to the peak of the mountain but as they were descending, a fierce storm engulfed the mountain. This made their progression down almost impossible. One of the climbers collapsed with exhaustion at 24000 feet and could not continue down the mountain. The other two stronger climbers insisted on continuing down the mountain. They wanted to leave their leader and the ailing climber because they knew that if they stay too long at high altitude, death was certain.

No one had ever survived overnight on the mountain. A rescue attempt was impossible because helicopters could not reach us above 18000 feet. The leader of the group was therefore faced with a difficult choice to make: abandon the dying teammate and descent alone or stay with the dying teammate in the hope that the storm might clear and the rescue party will be sent. However, the leader knew that if they both stay, most likely both of them would die. On the other hand, the leader still felt strong and could still make it down to safety, abandoning the teammate to die alone on the mountain.

I was therefore supposed to organize group members and lead them through the whole discussion. We were expected to come up with a solution on what the leader could have done. I was also expected to instill discipline as far as time keeping was concerned.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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