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The paper 'Strategic Employment Relations' is a great example of a Management Assignment. Zoe Cruz’ s predicament on Lakshminarayanan’ s (2011) case study: “ Fall from Grace or Glass Ceiling” summarises some of the conventional arguments surrounding the issue of gender equality in the workplace, in this instance top management. I found the case study very interesting as unlike most other illustrations used in gender and ethics, the study offers rationalizations for as well as against Zoe Cruz’ s position. On the one hand, from a preliminary reading, I got the impression of a no-nonsense strictly professional, and determined woman who rapidly scales the corporate ladder of a very successful firm by being unrelenting and diligent.

However, on the other hand, the case study also sheds light on what is apparently an abrasive personality, a calculating person who may have ascended to the top strategically at the expense of some of her workmates and employees. Therefore, while there is a case to be made for Zoe Cruz in terms of a glass ceiling, there is also a case to be made against her since it is naturally expected for anyone in her position, gender notwithstanding, to be willing to accept responsibility for their actions and be obliged to step down. Zoe Cruz’ s case presents a challenging moral and ethical dilemma and demonstrates the difficulty in separating fact from the value in the gender debate.

The case study provided interesting material to ponder in the debate over whether it’ s a man’ s (working) world. Personally, while I tended to sympathize with the reality faced by women in terms of the glass ceiling and having to overcome gender stereotypes, Zoe Cruz’ s situation represented a converse illustration of true gender equality.

In the event that Zoe Cruz had been male, the same explanations in support of her dismissal would still have been relevant. High risk implies high rewards and had the decision to trade in mortgages paid off, she would have been handsomely rewarded. Therefore, in my opinion, it was more of a case of fall from grace. Reflection on Weekly Case study 5: “ The Pittsfield Symphony: managing the arts in tough times” The case study, “ The Pittsfield Symphony: managing the arts in tough times” portrays a good picture of the challenges associated with performance management especially during unfavorable economic conditions.

This case study provides a good basis that can be used on the debate topic, “ Performance management is more trouble than it’ s worth. ” I found this case study to be very insightful particularly with regards to matters relating to performance management. From the case study, it is evident that Pittsfield Symphony is balancing the necessity to cut costs during the economic recession and the need to maintain a high and quality performance.

A critical review of this case study shows that, in the midst of an economic recession, Pittsfield Symphony uses performance management strategies that involve providing high remuneration and benefits to its employees. As seen in the case study, the use of this performance management strategy is very demanding and strenuous to the organization due to the on-going financial recession. From my point of view, I do not think that this strategy is effective especially when it comes to enhancing the performance of the orchestra. I personally find this strategy to be costly, demanding, and inefficient.

Despite the fact that the salaries paid to the Pittsfield Symphony orchestra can be ranked in the top ten, the overall performance of the organization is wanting. For instance, the company’ s administrative and promotion functions have yielded minimal results (Rubenfield & Yahr 2010). Therefore, it is plausible for one to argue that performance management is more trouble than it’ s worth.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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