Essays on Problems and Issues Working in a Group Coursework

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The paper "Problems and Issues Working in a Group" is a perfect example of management coursework. Research is one of the most important courses that students get exposed to. The experience gained through conducting this research is enormous and essential in my personal development and my future career prospects. From the moment this research commenced, I have learned many skills in fieldwork research. When my group was given this research project, I immediately started to search for a suitable research topic. Searching for a research topic enabled me to gain deeper skills on the modalities used to search for a topic.

One reason for selecting a given topic is the need to find an amicable solution, to gain further knowledge about the previous findings and to verify whether the previous findings in the study are still relevant or not (Irving, 2012). The topic of the relationship between quality service and customer satisfaction of transportation service in Cardiff city was unanimously supported. The reason for selecting this topic was to establish whether indeed the services provides met the level of expectation of customers to stimulate debate on the way forward. The research approach to adopt in this research stimulated mixed reactions from the members.

Some wanted to adopt quantitative while others qualitative while others suggested for mixed research (Jehn, 2009). Nevertheless, through consensus, the quantitative method was adopted because of time constraints associated with qualitative. I personally supported the use of a quantitative method in this study because of its nature. The quantitative method allows the use of statistical/numeric in the analysis of results. The method as well as easy to administer as questionnaires are used to solicit views from respondents.

I, therefore, gained skills in the development of questionnaires using SERQUAL model. Furthermore, what informed use of the quantitative method was a large number of participants. Using statistical methods enabled me to have an easy time when it came to data analysis and interpretation. The research, therefore, has sharpened my communication and research skills. In any research, it is recommended to create a harmonious relationship with participants through communication. Selection of respondents to be part of the sample and administering of questionnaires required application of research and communication skills.

Succeeding in this process is clear evidence of the skills and knowledge I have gained. Problems and issues working in a group Studies indicate that working in groups and teams allows team members to gain additional skills, knowledge and experience compared to those that work individually (McNally). Working in rewarding groups or teams leads to positive performance and vice versa since such groups have an emotional life and personality since they share similar tasks (Phillips & Phillips, 1993; Pinkley, 1990). Through group projects, individuals have the opportunity to acquire skills and knowledge on proper time management, communication skills and problem-solving skills among many others (Kenneth, 2012). Despite the many benefits that accrue from teamwork, there are various issues and challenges experienced in the process of undertaking this research.

Working in a group requires that members share the vision and objectives to move in accord (Huttenlocher & Kleinberg, 2010). This enables the group to be vibrant and to adjust in their workings hence reduces conflicts and contributes to the achievement of the objectives (Kliegl & Weaver, 2014). Despite some challenges, the group managed to stay focused hence meeting the group deadlines.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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