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The paper "Reflective and Analytical Dairy of the Experience in a Service Marketing Setting" is a good example of marketing coursework. In the wee hours of that Friday, the anxiety was unbearable as the whole group woke up to the reality of the day is our best friend’ s graduation day. The entire group with the fear of missing space for the celebrations embarked on the best place search. Drove by the previous experience, Emily one of the female friends advocated the Mahiki-Mayfair, London for its best offers in group parties and the soothing celebratory organizations.

I could not have been more contented with the service the Inner place staff provided. They arranged my guest lists speedily, frequently at the last minute, and I never once had trouble at the entrance. The service was very expert, carried out with a smile, and the staffs were always full of good suggestions for spots whenever I was out of thoughts. With the whole group adopting the Mahiki idea, we went online to an online booking link. The restaurants have since started the customer service centers for handling the online reservations.

The customer care directed us to the site Mahiki-inner place. co. ke. The site had an easy procedure on the “ SEARCH” option that gives the list of offers “ lifestyle” and “ parties and events” . On the search link parties and events, we selected a party for ten. The online booking system was speedy and easy to follow. The Mahiki website was full of pictures and decorations. The exterior environment appropriately furnished. The restaurant rules hold that seven o’ clock in the evening is the deadline to avoid relocations one must confirm the night bookings for organization early enough.

The customer care then sent notification of reservations for twelve guests allowing an extra two seats free just in case a friend unexpectedly joins the crew. The customer desks suggested we could use online payments system because the management allows for online payments with the new system of cashless payments to safeguard the client's security. Amused by the online service I sent the payments via my Worldpay to settle the booking fee for reservations. The Worldpay transaction code was sent to my phone, and I kept the transaction history because I used my tablet for the online transaction.

That evening I arrived with the first group of five to organize the set venue, the restaurant has a delivery system that offered a five-seat limousine to collect the graduate and the family. Who arrived in an hours’ time after we set the welcoming Jacuzzi for an evening coffee? The environment around the main gate have full decorations and at the customer care are the picture of various sections one can be interested. We were then invited to the movie premieres by Jessica the young girl wearing Mahiki movies t-shirt, at the movies we met other friends who had graduated and thought of the same venue.

The friends we met we would treasure for a lifetime has provided us with a network of new social activities that we would not have known about it, not for Mahiki club. I chose for my group the Red Membership card, and the team was exceptional at arranging hard to get into Mayfair venue to the fundamentals of where to go for personal requirements or entertaining executive-level clients.

We were then treated to the jumbo cocktail for twelve that was part of the package. The bar attendees were welcoming, garrulous and seemed to intermingle well with each other, genuinely charming in the fun aspect of illuminating up the night.


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