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1. First impression of ITPS. As a student I have had the privilege of learning about Information Technology Professional and Society and it has had a positive impact in my life. The knowledge that I had about Information Technology before I studied it was not wide and reflective as I have come to realise. Being a student and still acquiring all the knowledge on how professionals are supposed to conduct themselves in the society and their responsibilities is a good opportunity. Getting to learn about this at an early age is very beneficial as by the time I will be venturing in the field I will have the appropriate skills to serve the society as best as I can.

With times changing I have been able to learn that there are legal and social issues that have emerged in information and technology. Just like other professions there are codes of ethics to be observed in the information Technology field. Learning about these factors and aspects molds me appropriately as I will be able to apply them as an IT profession.

Throughout the semester, the topics that we have been taught have been to help us conduct ourselves accordingly in the field through the code of ethics taught to us. The lectures have been reflective and have encouraged participation among the students. The participation helped the students express what they had understood and gave the lecturer a chance to expand on areas that seemed rather difficult or problematic to the students. By encouraging participation from the students through speeches and study groups, the students were able to conduct research for themselves and present it to the class.

This has really improved the learning process and understanding for the students. This method of teaching and learning was able to help me greatly as I engaged myself in most of the discussions. The studies conducted in groups helped me learn more and understand better in areas where I felt I did not quite understand. The presentations I presented in class also helped build on my social skills and the way I conduct myself in front of people. This method was most beneficial as it brewed some little competition among the study groups, which was a healthy thing because it stirred excitement among the students. 2.

Things That I Already Knew. Since Information Technology Professional and Society has always been apart of my interest for a long time, I have been able to learn a few things that would be efficient in my profession. I searched for information on the impact of Information Technology on the environment from the internet. I was able to get information that was reflected during my learning and the lectures conducted in class.

I was able to retrieve this information from Australian Computer Society (ACS), where the information was wide and very helpful. The website provides a wide range of information for the reader and the information is detailed appropriately. Effect of Information technology on environmental sustainability is what is mostly discussed here. This is because environmental sustainability is an important part of the community and society as a whole. The work that has been implemented in its sustainability is wide and I got to learn of the contribution of IT in the sector.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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