Essays on Human Resources Strategy and Professional Practice Coursework

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In general, the paper "Human Resources Strategy and Professional Practice" is a perfect example of human resources coursework.   While carrying out a presentation the main objective is to ensure that the audience is able to understand the content of your report in the most efficient and effective manner. In order to be able to make a good presentation, there is a need to apply the appropriate skills which should at all be practised prior to the commencement of the presentation. Nevertheless, the most important aspect of any given presentation is whether one understands the content of their presentation and whether they have the main ideas and points at their fingertips.

Judging the manner in which a report has been presented and reflecting on it could be quite a challenging task. This is due to the fact that one is supposed to critically focus on certain specific qualities which must be addressed and attained in absence of which the presentation could have been rendered as a substandard one. This paper is simply a reflection on my presentation on Human Resources Strategy and professional practice. To begin with, being a human resource management student vast knowledge, competencies and skills have been grasped adroitly in the course of my learning period.

This includes learning on how human resources knowledge and skills could be applied practically in a work environment set up. In a bid to be able to develop a better understanding of this specific field of human resource it is dependent on both the efforts of the teacher and the student. In this case, is dependent on my personal strengths and weaknesses in the presentation of my report.

In my presentation, there were both strengths and weakness in line with working as a team and as an individual. The presentation of the report indicated that there was a need for developing individual presentation skills as well as critical thinking skills as far as the understanding of the broader concept of human resources is concerned. The following are the strengths and weakness as reflected in my presentation. From my presentation, I was able to present a clear and comprehensive understanding of my strengths both individually and socially while interacting with other people.

My presentation indicated that I am a dependable person especially while working or being part of a team. It indicated that while working in a group I strive to ensure that my fair work share is done resourcefully. This is a very important aspect of the presentation since it shows what kind of person I really am as far as getting work done is concerned. Additionally, the presentation indicated clearly that while working with others in a group I am a good communicator and a person who is ready to share ideas and opinions in a positive, confident and respectful way.

This is a key characteristic that one should possess especially if one is pursuing human resources. This is due to the fact that human resource management is all about interacting with people and one should be able to create a rapport with others within an organization.

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Human Resource Strategy and Professional Practice report
Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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