Essays on Why I Have the Qualifications for the Advertised Position of an Account Planner at ACME Admission/Application Essay

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The paper "Why I Have the Qualifications for the Advertised Position of an Account Planner at ACME" is a good example of a marketing admission/application essay. Upon reflection, I opine that IMC is critical for ‘ execution integration’ and ‘ planning integration. ’ The benefits of the brand reflect the four main goals of marketing communication: retaining customers, acquiring customers, growing sales volume, and increased migration of customers to use a brand. These will enable ACME to increase revenues from the brand, assure better earnings, and create the potential for new earnings, as reflected in convex-shape sales-to-advertising response. I would also seek to make IMC more strategic and less exceptional at ACME, centred on advertising and sales promotion, the inclusion of one-way and two-way communication and lastly results-driven.

However, until the connection between IMC, customer value and institutional branding are identified and appreciated, the benefits of IMC may not be realised. Next, to establish IMC’ s significance over the long-term at ACME, there is a need to develop longitudinal measures of the effects and implications of IMC (Edmiston 152). To be effectively implemented at ACME, IMC needs the participation of the entire organisation as well as its agents, including from the executive management downward.

To promote such participation, I would consider designing compensation systems to identify and strengthen efforts to ensure the success of IMC. The underlying argument is that IMC is theoretically a universal brand equity remedy that consists of the practicality, descriptions, and functioning and measurement of its efficiency. However, an unequivocal strategy and strategies of implementing the concepts of IMC in an advertisement, which in my opinion still remains incomprehensible. 2. Critical integration of content ACME advertising agency has advertised to fill the position of an Account Planner.

After reviewing the stipulated job description, I believe I have the desired qualifications for the advertised position. I can set the communication strategy for ACME advertising campaigns. Additionally, I can create the target audience, objectives, goals, message, and tone for delivering a marketing campaign. Yet again, I can set out a specific strategy for helping clients to add value to their businesses, as well as inspire others to create advertisements with the view of achieving brand equity. Basing on this backdrop, what is clear to me is that marketing communication would serve the significant function of creating and sustaining ACME’ s stakeholder relationships, as well as capitalise the stakeholder relationship to promote brand equity.

As stated by Reid et al (11-14), advertising and promotion of brands potentially drive sales volumes. In my view, therefore, brands are critical for an organisation's response to short-term competitive shifts. Essentially, ACME advertising agency’ s focal point for marketing efforts that I would leverage to ensure that it becomes a critical source of competitive advantage, market power and greater returns.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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