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My experience at the university was totally different and the atmosphere present there was brilliant. I learned a lot of things during my first year and the most important of them was to take up responsibility. Since, I was away from home and came to a different culture adapting and molding me according to the environmental was the toughest task. I was able to face all the difficulties that arose by being away from home and fighting those helped me move ahead in my carrier. During this journey I was able to make friends from different culture which helped me understand the other culture better and broadened by horizon of thinking.

It was a totally new experience for me and I was amazed by the manner I was able to grow in the pressure and develop myself in the new culture. Living away from home was a difficult task in the beginning as I had to be totally dependent on myself. This was not the case back home as my parents were there to look after me. Also looking after the resources was a difficult proposition for me as controlling the expenses was difficult in the beginning.

This used to put me under tremendous pressure as I used to run out of money. Slowly, with the passage of time I gained the required experience and belief and was able to manage my funds properly. I was also able to plan and ensure that I was responsible for all my acts and took steps after pondering the effects that could have arisen from it. This helped me gain in self confidence and also helped me to shape my pattern of working. I also realized that staying at the comfort of the house was easier in comparison to staying at the university.

Being an international student I faced the difficulty associated with language, culture and adaptability. This was a major hindrance in my path and used to put additional pressure on me. Further understanding the transportation system in UK was a problem compared to my home country where I was accostomed to it. Slowly, I was able to understand it but still face some problems associated with the culture.

The wide variation in the mentality of the people took me by shock and after a period of some time I was able to understand it to a certain extent. Living in a different culture was a totally different experience for me. When I look back at the past year I visualize the difficulties I had to face due to differences in culture and slowly I gained knowledge about the culture and adjusted myself accordingly. To be true it was very difficult because the weather of UK is totally different from my own country.

This was a difficult proposition for me as my body took time to adapt to the climatic change. Further, being in a culture with no old friends and relatives was very tough. It made me lonely and living without the known faces was tough. Also, the fact that I hadn’t had thought the life to be so difficult made me ponder whether I was correct in choosing the university but later with the passage of time I was able to understand the culture and adapted to the situation thereby making new friends.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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