Essays on Intellectual Communication, Networking and Career Management Coursework

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The paper "Intellectual Communication, Networking and Career Management" is a good example of management coursework.   The purpose of this paper is to make a reflection on my critical understanding of the presentations made in the course of my study. The reflection will aim to engage me with the outside world and therefore prepare me in making critical decisions in life. As many authors acknowledge, high education is expected to create an intellectual autonomy on students in their academic discourse. The current knowledge that is provided in class is supposed to play a crucial role in preparing the future life of my career.

Specifically, this paper will reflect on intellectual communication, networking and career management. In writing the journal, the paper will make focus on some of the presentations made by the guest industries. Since when I started my studies, I realized that intellectual communication is an important element in my career. Intellectual communication entails understanding what I learnt in class and putting it in a real-life perspective (Wright 2007, p. 6). The presentation made by Bob Dally of Port Adelaide Artists Forum Inc played an important role in helping to understand the process of intellectual communication.

Being an art practitioner, Bob Daly has attained a wide range of experience in his professional career. The experience he attained ranged from teaching to management and coordination of freelance art projects. From this view, I realized that intellectual communication entails applying what is learnt in class in both theoretical and practical approach. I learnt that if Bob Duly could be able to teach, it implied that he understood the theories and concepts of arts and artwork that were taught in class.

As such, he could be able to convey that knowledge to other students who came after him (Weaver et al 2006, p. 19). I thus made a declaration that I needed to make emphasis in conceptualizing the classwork so that I could be in a position to teach other people who wished to pursue my area of profession. Another thing I discovered from Bob Daly presentation was the application of knowledge learnt in class on the ground. Intellectual communication requires what has been attained in class can be interpreted and put onto the ground (Donald 2006, p. 51).

In other words, this is converting knowledge into a practical case. Bob Daly presentation indicated that he had been an experienced practitioner in the management and coordination of freelance art projects. In order to achieve this, I realized that it was wise to be in a position to convert classroom knowledge into real-world knowledge. It is in no doubt that one is supposed to attain professional knowledge so as to be a successful manager or coordinator. In addition to this, I learnt that professional knowledge attained should be converted into real-life knowledge so as to become successful in one's career. The benefits of developing intellectual communication skills cannot be forgotten.

Bob Daly’ s presentation was evident with respect to how his work has led him to travel and interact with various cultures within and out of Australia. I discovered that with good intellectual communication skills, one gains recognition since his or her work is distinct. This is the reason why Bob Daly has been a common name in the southern Australia region where artwork is fully recognized due to growth in tourism in the region.

In addition to local fame, Bob has been able to cross the borders of Australia and meet several communities that engage in artworks. I acknowledged the fact that Bob would not have travelled that far if his work was not of high quality. As a result, I declared to aim at specialization in my career so that my work in future will be of high standards. Quality and professionalism are some of the core values that are not in class.

These values are attained by realizing that the community would prefer quality services and products. Therefore, through specialization, I discovered that my mind should focus on what I am studying in school so that I can grow to be a successful professional in my area of study.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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