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The paper "Reflective Journal Assessment" is a great example of a Business assignment. Through career planning in my first at the university, I was able to understand that activists play an important role in ensuring social and environmental sustainability.   I learned that activists should be seen as responsible citizens to win legitimacy and acceptance from the majority (ordinary citizens) for their movements to succeed. Social Activists include individuals who have political forces and they take action to protect the environment and the social welfare of all human beings. I learned that most activists are rebels who say loud “ NO” to public policies and social conditions that violate social sustainability.   Moreover, activists are also social change agents who work to involve and educate citizens to oppose current policies and advocate for constructive solutions within society (Somerville, 2009).   Besides, I also learned that social activists are reformers who work with official judicial and political structures to incorporate solutions into government policies and laws of a country.

In conclusion, I learned that as a Rebel, the activist plays the following roles as a social change agent (Moyer, 2010) Nurtures a new public consensus Acts as an 'open system', i.e.

inform the public while learning from dialogue with the public and the power holders, so that his/her ideas are open to change Puts issues on society's agent Causes 'creative tension', i.e. highlights the gap between what is and what should be Represents society's moral vanguard Leads in stage 4 of a social change movement Articulates a vision of the good society Achieves legitimacy in the eyes of ordinary citizens Withstands power holder attempts to discredit the movement Reduces potential for violent attitudes and actions within the movement Uses institutional means of getting real change I learned that activists are involved in activities aimed at protecting the environment.

It started due to global warming which refers to the average rising in the temperature of the atmosphere around the Earth’ s surface which has lead to changes in climate changes. Global warming is brought about by several causes, both human and natural induced.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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