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XxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxLectureXxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx22nd October, 2012.Entry #1: Corporate social and Environmental ResponsibilitiesBased on the lesson learnt in class I s was able to have a clear knowledge on how most organizations view environmental and social responsibilities. Based on the readings most business view corporate social and environmental responsibility as not been merely philanthropy but instead; it should also be viewed as a strategic business issue. In also noted that over time a lot of observable attention is been made towards the environmental and social effects of the business and so far performance in this area is far from been satisfactory.

Based on the readings a number of companies view the two concepts as been independent of each other though in most instances they are usually at loggerheads. Thus based on my understanding the society needs to embrace the concept that although the corporate and environmental responsibilities were often seen as been philanthropy towards the community they also acts as strategic business issue. In my opinion there are a number of ways in which the concepts are viewed as been strategic business issues.

One of the major way is related to the concepts been a reactive strategy (Porter & Reinhardt 2007, p. 24). Generally the concepts are seen as been a reactive strategy that aims at reviving floppy fortunes of the organization by gaining confidence of individuals who lives in the society that they are operating in. through corporate environmental and social responsibilities the organization are able to achieve a lot confidence in the community that they are based and thus in this sense corporate social and environmental responsibilities acts a been a strategic issue in most organizations.

Also based on the readings I was able to note that companies can use their corporate social and environmental responsibilities as a strategic issue when it comes to matters related to the creation of their brand image. The hard work of organizations trying to recover from the negative effects that arises due to them not discharging social responsibility is generally termed as been the damage control exercise in relation to the corporate image. Most companies view corporate social and environmental responsibilities as been a favorable opportunity for building their corporate image (Anderson 2005, p.

98). In most instances organizations develop deliberate and systematic approaches in the aim of maintaining their focus on certain social welfare actions and other environmental activities in the aim of maintaining a good image in the mind of the society to which they are selling their products. This not only assists in the enhancement of the image of the organization in the near future but also in the enhancement of consistency, this will eventually lead to the creation of a positive reputation. Through the enhancement of the brand image, the society tend to favor the company more as compared to others who have a bad reputation, thus the society will tend to purchase more from that company and may even at times boycott the companies that are not been socially and environmental friendly.

In the long run, such companies may experience reduced sales which may eventually have a very negative effect on the organization (Anderson 2005, p. 100).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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