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The paper "Creativity and Creative Thinking in Communication" is a good example of a management essay. In writing this reflective journal, I reflect on the evidence I realized of the various graduate capabilities that I had focused to improve and which helped me to perform better. In this journal, I will focus on how I came to realize an ethical behaviour, listening capacity, leadership capacity, teamwork, innovation and critical thinking. I will discuss the evidence to the leadership skills followed by the graduate skills that I developed. I will also show any extra graduate skills that I unexpectedly improved without putting much concern in them.

From the sections that I will discuss, my pre-rating was a B in the fields I have discussed. After embarking on improvement, I was able to move to an A in those very graduate capabilities. Part B: Section A Maintaining relationships The first evidence to my graduate capabilities is that I am able to maintain relationships than I used to do before. I have used this severally in dealing with my colleagues both in school and at home. I know it is my right to be respected and thus I always make sure that I avoid anything that can cause harassment to my lecturers during lessons.

Still, I was able to keep my boundaries with a fellow student to ensure that they give back exactly that, especially when it comes to their reciprocation. Apart from keeping boundaries, I have been consulted in helping to solve problems because I give people time to explain themselves in times of conflicts. I also make sure that I do my assignments in time while keeping in mind the academic requirements of honesty.

As a result, I have never been liable to a case of academic dishonesty for the time I have been in college. I am therefore convinced that with the upkeep of my moderately ethical behaviour, my integrity is enhanced. This has enabled me to focus more on positive behaviour and influence other people to imitate the same as many have commented on it. It has also been made possible by the good listening capacity that I have been exercising throughout my academic life.

I am aware that other students cannot consult me if I do not give them a listening environment to express themselves. Organizational skills I also find that I good in organizational skills. As a representative in the class, I have been able to persuade my classmates to observe some of the set school rules and regulations. As a class leader, I ensured that members exchange numbers and we created a common class email for sharing ideas, especially on assignment discussions. They elected me twice to be the class representative because, I suppose, they were interested in my organizational skills.

I also have been capable of making my class win twice in the inter-class games where they lifted the trophy twice. This was as a result of collaboration with my fellow students helping us to win. I made a good collaboration that led us to our success. I managed to have my class visit an orphanage in one weekend this was organized at a very short time and it many people turned up in response to the call. This made my class the first one to conduct such an event in school history.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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