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The paper "Reflective Journal for Communication Management" is a good example of a Management assignment.   The scene, settings, and expectations are three major environmental cues that influence one's expectations for communication.   The view, settings, and expectations mainly determine the kind of information to be relied on, for example, on formal or informal communication (Wrench et al. n.d). 1.2.2 Context has a significant influence on the communication process. There are five primary settings that include; intrapersonal communication, interpersonal communication, group communication, public communication, and mass communication, and each of them has effects on communication differently (Wrench et al.

n. d). 1.3.1 The first time I gave a speech, I felt very anxious. My greatest experience was that there is a need to practice in advance. I learned that, through practice, one gives a well thought out and planned speech. 1.3.2 To attract the attention of my peers, I would use images of stars in the entertainment industry. My peers tend to be more attracted to stars in the entertainment industry; they can even pay a fortune for them to attend events that stars are attending. 1.3.3 To attract the attention of someone else, I can make use of art.

This is because I love arts and feel connected viewing art-related images. 1.4.1 One thing that made me offended in a conversation was the use of abusive language. My perception was influenced greatly by my upbringing. 1.4.2 When a friend of mine lost my trust, she was able to earn it back. She later proved that I can trust her will all my personal issues. 1.4.3 The communicator has a responsibility to the audience and at the same time, the audience also has a responsibility to the speakers.

The communicator has the responsibility of delivering their messages in the right manner to the audience, and the audience has a responsibility to listen to what the communicators have to say (Wrench et al. n.d). 2.1.1 There are some words that have been borrowed from other languages. One good example is the word chemistry that has been borrowed from ancient Egypt Khemia, and it means a transmutation of the earth. Another word is appetence which means natural desire and craving it is derived from the French word "Appé tence” .

The other word is a boutique which based on the French language is used to described clothing or shop. 2.1.2 A number of authors, fields, and theories are of the ideas of the influences between thought and language. A great number of them point out that, upon introspection, people tend to think in the language that they speak.  


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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