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The paper "Effective Communications Strategies" is an outstanding example of a management assignment. The sales letter is to a Chinese audience providing information about a new product. This is with a perception that the Chinese people prefer clear and precise information. The letter is also of the view that the intended audience prefers simple language. The letter is also with the assumption that polite words are valued in the culture of the audience. Dear Sir, Following our recent meetings, I am glad to inform you that we have been able to successfully develop the new product. The company is glad to inform you that the product will be delivered to you at a discounted rate and free samples provided.

The new product will effectively address the challenges that you were facing. However, in case of any concern, please feel free to contact us. The company values all its customers and any concern will be accorded out full attention. Thanks for your continued support throughout the years. Yours Faithfully Joe Frazer Sales Manager Question A17 Giant Corporation 13th Street, Melbourne Tel 0897875397 Email: ghgtyn@giantcorporation. com 3rd September 2016 RE: New product of the company Dear Mr.

Jones: We are glad to inform you that the company has managed to develop a new high-quality skincare product. As our main client, the company is pleased to inform you that the new product is far more efficient and cost-effective. We would like to invite you to our launch and thereafter provide you with a free sample of the new product. You are encouraged to try the new product and give us feedback. The company will accord you with all the support that you need in order to attend our launch. Thanks in advance, feel free to contact us for more details or clarifications. Sincerely James Hardy Marketing Manager Question A18 The product that is to be produced is a mobile phone app.

The three companies that are likely to purchase the product include, Samsung, Apple and Huwaei. The three companies are manufacturers of mobile phones. In order to make their products competitive, they require different features that improve the quality of mobile phones (Nolan, et al, 2014). The mobile app is likely to improve on the quality of the products based on how each of the company can utilize it.

In the past, all three companies are known to purchase similar products from other companies or innovators. Question A19 A longer resume is not desired but it may be justified in some of the situations. It is justified when specific and relevant information that represents years of work and experience is extensive. However, the years of work and experience have to be related to the position applied for (University of Canberra, 2016). Such information is relevant as it may increase the chances of the individual to be invited for an interview.

It also provides the employer with detail information about the potential of the candidate. Question A20 The speaker has to understand the diversity of the audience. Different aspects such as culture and expected social behaviours of the diverse audience must be understood clearly (University of Canberra, 2016). It is also important for the speaker to provide general information. The use of specific information may lock out other members as they may not understand the message. Communicating with a diverse audience about climate change is a good example. The speaker should ensure that simple terms are used so as to enable everyone to fully understand the issues related to climate change.

The speaker must not use jargons as most of the people may not be able to understand it.


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