Essays on Managing in the Global Environment- The Virtual Organization Assignment

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The paper "Managing in the Global Environment - The Virtual Organization" is a great example of an assignment on management. I have attached so much value to time management and everything I do throughout the day is usually allocated a certain amount of time. I consider all the activities of the day as goals, that need to be achieved and the more I think about them the more I would want to complete them. Therefore, the expectation I have of myself and the value placed on achieving these goals act as personal divers for the completion of the tasks.

Also, these divers include an understanding that the power I have is capable of changing the expectations I have of me and the value attached to each task. The capability of using personal divers in different situations to complete tasks is a result of successfully understanding ways of inspiring me in a different setting while undertaking different assignments or tasks. In getting the desired outcome, I make choices and work hard in putting forth the required amount of effort that I maintain long enough until the work, assignments, and tasks are completed within the required deadline. In addition, I rank work, assignments, and tasks according to the order of importance.

I then start working on simpler tasks before working on those that are likely to consume more time. Also, I keep changing the approach of completing work, assignments, and tasks to make the experience interesting. I am not perfect in everything because I have weaknesses too and sometimes I do not get excited doing difficult tasks. However, I always identify my weaknesses and in doing this I am capable of addressing them as a way of improving my capabilities of completing work, assignments, and other tasks.

Addressing my weaknesses involves restructuring activities and avoiding demands that might capitalize on my weaknesses. The capability of recognizing obstacles to personal divers is helpful in completing work, assignments, and tasks. I get motivated and desire to succeed as a result of internal and external pressures. These also have an impact on my enjoyment of life. External pressures are also referred to as extrinsic factors arising from external elements while internal pressures are referred to as intrinsic factors and they arise from internal elements.

On one hand, extrinsic factors that affect my motivation include excellent performance as a manager, improved performance of employees, and high production by the organization. Also, achievements such as awards as the best manager of the year, job promotion and pay rise are extrinsic motivating factors that have an impact on my desire to succeed. On the other hand, intrinsic factors that have an impact on my motivation include the pleasure I get from succeeding or the satisfaction I get from completing tasks.

In addition, I love my job as a manager and I work hard because I enjoy doing it and it is a pleasure finding solutions to problems of the organization. The thought of being in a position to make a difference in the organization and actually making it happen is a motivating factor. However, sometimes I over-rely on extrinsic motivating factors, and failure to achieve the motivating factors leads to discouragement. I overcome these feelings though focusing more on intrinsic motivating factors.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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