Essays on The Importance of Effective Management Communication Assignment

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The paper "The Importance of Effective Management Communication" is a worthy example of an assignment on management. 1.2 . 1 There are three major environmental cues that influence communication, which include noise in the workplace, wall color, and physical obstacle. Noise in the workplace affects the presentation room if space above, or next door to business runs some heavy materials, or any machines (Schoor, 2004). Secondly, the colors of the wall that are painted in an institution, including white or gray, may have negative effects on the audience's morale (Schoor, 2004). Last, wireless signals may have trouble penetrating solid objects such as hills, buildings, single walls, or the individual themselves. 1.2.2 During communication, family, friends, and cultural environment or the community that teaches the values as normal behaviors to their culture influence the speaker (Wertheim n. d.).

Additionally, it is good to apprehend culture as a speaker and take into account cultural aspects that are inherent to every market or every circumstance (Reynolds et al. , 2003). These will play structure in the perception, habits, character, or expectations of the audience. 1.3.1 The time when I gave a speech to the audience is when I attended a workgroup seminar.

Therefore I felt nervous when the audience was eagerly looked at me waiting for my first word. (Reynolds et al. , 2003). I learned that everybody is nervous in the initial stages of speech, but courage grows with time. 1.3.2 I use a calm word like “ good morning” to attract my peers’ attention by involving them in communication as they respond. (Martin & Nakayama n. d.). 1.3.3 I would choose a word like, “ new” . To me and among many other people, the word new attracts attention since everybody wants to know what is new. 1.4.1.

I felt offended when I gave out a speech without a serious introduction. 1.4.2 Yes, I was able to earn it back. After realizing that someone lost trust in me, due to the use of an ambiguous word in a conversation, I admitted ambiguity of the word, clarified the meaning, and earned back my trust.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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