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The paper "Reflective Journal on Tutorials" is an outstanding example of a management essay.   So far the course has been exciting and informing. I was introduced to a broad range of things, including management, managing cultures and organizational culture, managing leadership, managing change and diversity, motivation, as well as communication and its importance to management. It was interesting to learn about management which entails the controlling, leading, organizing, and planning of human and other resources with the aim of attaining organizations goals efficiently and effectively. I learned that those organizations use change management to minimize chances of organizational malfunction caused by a failure to adapt to changing environmental conditions.

Since change is the only certain thing in an organization due to it is ubiquitous nature, organizations should, therefore, be prepared to predict change and lay management structures to manage change. Change management can be viewed as the process of implementing new strategies, corporate structures and procedures to effectively overcome internal and external forces affecting an organization. For an organization to successfully implement change management there should be behavioral and organizational structural adjustment to align changes with the expected outcome.

All these definitions imply that change management is an indispensable tool that organizations use to implement change and achieve the desired business outcome. Nevertheless, people are at the center of this change process since there is a change of behavior, practice and attitude. Therefore, change management advocates for people’ s participation in the implementation of changes in an organization. I was also excited to learn that Leaders also play a critical role in the successful implementation of change. The leaders must understand the goals and objective of the firm and adopt a PM system that is in line with the goals and objectives of the firm.

Transformative leadership and mobilizing the existing resources are considered important in the change management process. Effective leaders should constantly communicate with the employees and all important stakeholders to ensure that the PM system is successfully implemented. Additionally, effective leaders always involve all the stakeholders in the decision-making process and value their contribution. Effective leaders promote a feeling of community within the firm, develop transparency among their employees, and instil assurance in change.

Communication plays a critical role in the implementation of the performance management system. Effective communication boosts the morale of employees, align the firm from the bottom to the top, and promote appreciation. I learned that one of the barriers to effective communication is lack of trust. Absence of trust can make effective communication between organizational managers and their subordinate very challenging. Employees are less likely to communicate and share ideas if they do not trust each other. Additionally, information may not be shared in the absence of trust and the existing communication is always untrustworthy and suspect.

For instance, when employees are using email, they do not see the facial expression or hear the voice tones of the ones they are communicating with. Consequently, mistrust may occur. Equally important, I succeeded in doing a broad range of assignments that were accorded to me. Specifically, I managed to effectively use the Harvard citation style when doing my assignments.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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