Essays on Environmental Cues that Affects the Behavior and Language Expectations Assignment

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The paper "Environmental Cues that Affects the Behavior and Language Expectations" is a good example of a management assignment.   The three environmental cues include atmosphere, physical and psychological. The communication interaction context includes individuals involved expectations, setting, and the scene (Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 License, 2017). Context of professional context may include environmental cues that affect the behavior and language expectations among the participants either directly or indirectly. The discussion or presentation does not occur as a secluded event. The magnitude to which a given environment is informal or formal relies upon the participants’ communicational contextual expectations.

For instance, an individual sitting next to may be accustomed to communicate with the instructor in an informal setting, but when it comes to the academic environment, the instructor may be accustomed to nonverbal and verbal display. A2: Both the audience and the communicator have a responsibility towards one another. These responsibilities can be perceived under the lenses of ethical public speaking. Early teachers of public speaking such as the Romans and the Greeks, argued that ethics are virtue matter and the art of public speaking is a means of civic engagement.

Ethical and ethic communication are significant when it comes to public speaking process and decision-making (Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 License, 2017). Public speakers make ethical choices in their preparation and delivery of their speech. Public speakers encounter moral dilemma on how to represent accurately or how to represent a given kind of information. However, through the understanding of the ethical standards by both the speaker and listeners, these types of moral dilemma can be overcome. A6: Double speaking refers to the intentional use of words to obscure, disguise or alters the meaning.

It is mostly present in fan organizational communication. It serves to depict an organization or a person in a less uncomplimentary manner that what the what will be done by plain language ("2.4 Language Can be an Obstacle to Communication | Business Communication for Success", 2017). In some instances, especially when the language is obscure, double-speaking can be dangerous. However, if the meaning is hidden successfully from the audience, double-speaking can be argued to be effective. Nonetheless, the objective of the public speakers continues to be concise and clear communication with a reduced misinterpretation level.

People should be able to understand what is and what is not communicated by studying double speaking. A7: A Jun 06, 2016  journal article written by Deborah Sage, the Open View Pushes to Add Women at Portfolio Companies, is a good example of an article that uses signpost. Signposts also are known as indicators are the keywords that are used to alert the audience about an example, a conclusion, a tangential explanation and a change in the topic (Thomson, 2016). Listeners and readers can be lulled sometimes making them forget the point being made or how far the discussion has reached.

This can be avoided by signalling the audience when there is a change in the discussion. The most common used signposts include words such as the reason for this, in summary, in conclusion, or the solution to this problem. A10: A self-fulfilling prophecy occurs when an individual unconsciously triggers a certain prediction to come true. Similarly, an anticipation of a certain subject, say an individual, can influence another individual’ s behaviour about that person, which can trigger the realization of the expectation ("Self-Fulfilling Prophecies in Psychology: Definition & Examples - Video & Lesson Transcript | Study. com", 2016).

For instance, a freshmen volleyball coach may want to the freshmen to be less skilled, so he does not make the play often when there is a game, they perform badly. By doing so, she has fulfilled her expectations.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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