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The paper "Communication Management Issues" is a good example of a management assignment.   The environmental cues that influence my expectations include clothes (dressing), location and distance while communicating. The type of clothes whether a business suit or social outfit influences my engagement because it determines the type of communication, and can easily transform the entire communication from business to social engagement (Neale, 2011). The location is also influential in that engaging in a hotel is different from engaging in an office. The location of communication informs on engagement and the entire approach to communication (Clutterbuck and Hirst, 2012).

For example, I take a more social approach to communication in a hotel compared with the official mode of communication at the workplace (Price and Ota, 2015). The distance is also crucial in that when I am in a room with different people, and I want to engage with an individual, I can text the individual, which may address my communication objectives. A2: The communicator and audience have a responsibility to each other. The aim of communication is sharing, meaning the communicator should understand the requirements of the communication and thoughtful of the audiences and devices ways of accomplishing the necessity.

For example, the communicator can appreciate the context and implement the content based on the message fundamental (Clutterbuck and Hirst, 2012). The audience should also support through presenting signs such as nodding heads, interest with the topic or illustrating unsatisfaction in a constructive manner (Strong, 2013). An audience is usually a group meaning what an individual does not like, should not affect the integrity of the communication, and perseverance is important. Hence, the communicator and audience have to champion a supportive framework. A6 Doublespeak is the deliberate use of works to obscure or change the meaning of communication or some words.

It is sometimes important to use doublespeak in making or addressing the tricky or unpleasant or negative situation or circumstances not sound that bad (Tynan et al. 2013). It reduces the negative impact of communication to incorporate the feelings and emotions of an individual (Neale, 2011). For example, people commonly state an individual has “ passed on” rather than the individual has died.

Other examples include “ downsizing” rather than firing people, “ senior citizen” rather than an old person, and “ put to sleep” rather than euthanize (Clutterbuck and Hirst, 2012). Hence, doublespeak is permissible provided the feelings, emotions, and objectives of the audience are considered/integral. A7: Audiences sometimes have short attention span forcing the speaker or presenter to place indicators and implement actions that capture the attention of the audiences. Researchers use signposts to indicate the flow of information and any related changes. Keyworth (2015) has used signposting in his thesis presentation through the use of words such as conclusion, with the aim (p.

251), however (p. 255), additionally (p. 118) and to summarize (p. 45). The author has employed the approach to cement his claims and present the flow of statements relative to other academicians. The article is a scientific paper meaning it is important to collate and present different perspectives of material and scientific processes (Tynan et al. 2013). These processes cannot be fulfilled without guiding the audiences of the article on chronologically and systematic fundamentals of the study. Without signposting, it becomes difficult to understand and appreciate the article.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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