Essays on Human and Their Working Relationships Assignment

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The paper "Human and Their Working Relationships" is a wonderful example of an assignment on management. I embarked on watching a video stream conducted by Glenn Beck where he was talking about the importance of Americans employing the aspect of common sense again in their day-to-day lives. The commentator’ s perspective is that Americans would tend to depend on other people’ s opinions and ideas as opposed to relying on their own. He seems to talk faster when saying is points and his voice tends to grow a bit louder thereby reflecting his mood and tone about the matter.

In case, I do the commentary, I would certainly do it the same way but I would ensure to pronounce my syllables slowly in order for the audience to hear all I would be saying. B2: Informative presentation is mainly focused on ensuring that the receiver only comprehends what is being said and thus, it allows them to make their personal conclusions. People are given the freedom to make personal conclusions about what has been relayed to them. On the contrary, persuasive presentation is meant to convince the audience towards a certain point of view being articulated by the presenter.

A perfect example of persuasive presentation is when political analysts try to defend decisions made by their respective parties to the audience while informative presentation can be seen in health-related programs like the need for adopting effective childbirth procedures. B3: National Geographic is a TV program that relays information mainly through visual communications. It is mostly wild animals at their natural habitats hunting or even taking care of their young ones. The program has minimal dialogues as audiences are allowed to analyze behaviors.

WWE is a sports program that also uses visuals where most of the content being broadcasted is wrestling by the participants. There is also some dialogue but it is kept to the minimal. B4: In the course of unveiling the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, Tim Cook uses an enormous screen behind him to conduct the presentation. It unveils the new structure of the phone while presenting such important features as the Retina HD display as well as their respective sizes. The comparison made during the presentation was effective.

I think personally, I would enhance the presentation by allowing some of the audiences to have either the real or prototype of the phones in the discussion. B5: I would choose the product to be the hybrid electronic vehicles made by Telstra. The five points that I would come up with include; Attention Part/Statement; which would come first because it seeks to inform the audience of the product under analysis Introduction; this is the second part since it unveils the purpose of the presentation like what areas of the vehicle would be covered like environmental impact, benefits, etc The body; is the main section of the presentation and would cover all information mentioned in the intro part Conclusion; is the fourth section that would sum up all points covered Residual message; is the final section/point since it focuses on provoking audience remembrance of the product.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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