Essays on Informative Presentation and Persuasive Presentation Assignment

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The paper "Informative Presentation and Persuasive Presentation " is a good example of a business assignment.   Employees work so as to satisfy their various needs as depicted by the Maslow’ s hierarchy of needs framework. Imperatively, managers must adopt an effective management style that will enable the employees to contribute positively to the overall goals in an organisation. It follows that the best management style that I can adopt as a manager is theory Z. Theory Z is a balance between the two extremes, theories X and Y and combines the management style from both high and low-context cultures (Management Communication, 1st ed).

The use of the framework allows employees to participate in key decision-making aspects of an organisation, especially in startups. For example, as a manager with the responsibility of managing a dozen employees, using the theory allows me to have job rotation schemes, and develop their skills. Further, as a small organisation, the use of theory Z will enhance their loyalty to the business. I believe that in implementing this theory, the employees will gain trust and execute their responsibilities in an excellent manner.

For instance, I can trust them in making decisions on several operations within their areas of specialisation like the procurement of goods or preparation of invoices. As a manager, theory Z allows me to meet their needs, not just at the basic level, but higher levels like safety, self-esteem, acceptance, achievement, and at the top level; self-actualization through activities like training, promotion, and vacations.

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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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