Essays on Effective Communication and Its Importance Assignment

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The paper "Effective Communication and Its Importance" is an outstanding example of a management assignment.   I had locked myself in the study room revising for my final exams when my little sister dashed in and shouted, “ You won’ t have your food tonight! ” .I interpreted this to mean they had no food left for only to realize later that she was inviting me to join them at the table. This misunderstanding was due to exam anxiety and anticipation. 2. I once told my friend from South Africa, that is was time for supper and to my surprise, he immediately left for her apartment.

He had interpreted my statement to mean that it was too late to continue staying at my place. This misunderstanding was due to cultural differences. QUESTION 13 1. The demographic groups include gender, race and age. People of different genders, age and race are perceived differently. Learning about the different types of audience makes one improve on their communication competency. 2. I). Gathering background information about the audience ii) Understanding your own perception of the audience. The two methods are not effective since they are not easy to accomplish. QUESTION 14 Listening styles style benefits drawbacks People-oriented They get to understand the speaker better Might not get the message which is very important Time oriented They benefit from brief presentations hence saves time May not benefit from lengthy presentations due to impatience Action-oriented Quick to get what needs to be done Impatient to listen to reasons Content oriented Are in a position of understanding the message better May interpret the message inaccurately if the speaker withholds some information 2.

The psychological noise I experienced was speaker biasness. This was solved by employing the strategy of being open-minded. 3. Biases i) Racial biases ii) Age biases iii) Biases against such topics as death 4.

Abstract words misunderstood include beauty, love and trust. Misunderstanding of these words led to social conflicts. QUESTION 15 1. Heather and Jay could have made the call success by avoiding interference. The confusion could have been avoided by considering the fact that they are indifferent zones of time and checking for the appropriate. 2. www. matalan-me. com Matalan is a UK based company that specializes in homeware in addition to clothing. It has quite a number of stores in the UK and aspires to enter the global market. QUESTION 16 No. I wouldn’ t send the emails because their language is not appropriate.

My lecture is my senior and is in a position of authority so I have to maintain a certain degree of formality. Friend Authority figure hi Good morning sir look blue Look sad go nuts Go insane 3. It is appropriate to use an informal tone when writing in informal situations or in cases where your audience is well known to you or you are of the same level. Conversely, a formal tone is appropriate when the intended audience is in apposition of authority or slightly known to you. 4.

The choice of words used in communication depends on the audience. The relationship between the communicator and the audience dictates the choice of words. For instance, when presenting a topic such as a drug abuse to young children the communicator will have to use simple vocabulary. Conversely, to an older audience, the speaker may be free to relatively complex words.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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