Essays on How to Maintain Successful Media Relations Case Study

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The following paper 'How to Maintain Successful Media Relations' is a wonderful example of a marketing assignment. An example of mass media exploitation is the exploitation of women. Women portrayals are often used in the media and this has been frowned upon by feminists as well as human rights activists. Women media exploitation mostly involved the use of naked pictures or pictures of scantily dressed women in adverts. The title of the informative speech is “ Global Warming retrieved from www. presentationmagazine. com/example. The introduction of this speech is quite effective since it perfectly captures the audience’ s attention.

Additionally, the introduction outlines the key information discussed in the body of the speech. Once one reads the introduction he quickly grasps the general idea expressed in speech and leads the body at the same time. Deterrence is used to persuade an audience not to start doing something which they haven’ t already started whereas discontinuance is trying to make an audience desist from a habit they are already used to. Therefore, discontinuance is a more difficult challenge having that the audience will have to try and stop what they are already doing.

For example, it is more challenging to have smokers quit smoking compared to educating nonsmokers on the effects of smoking.   Over the past 3 years, I have been able to cater to my psychological needs adequately. Safety has been an on and off thing having that society always has it is own set of social and economic challenges but having that basic need motivates individuals I have been able to overcome some challenges along the way. Every individual needs a sense of belonging and love from family, over the three years I have been away from my family and at times along for moral support but we mostly communicate and that helps reduce the distance and loneliness.

My self-esteem, on the other hand, has been on an all-time high as I seek to finish my education and graduate, after graduation I will have had the potential I need to help the world but currently I will have to master the needed skills and finish school. I attribute my current state as my habit of having developed a need to know attitude which has helped me explore the technology world and learn to play the piano.

On my need to explore the beauty, I plan to visit historical sites within the next few years as I have developed a liking for the pyramids of Egypt and seeing the Monalisa. The social penetration theory help describes how individuals move from superficial talk to intimate and revealing talk. While on the streets of Sydney I met a friend of mine and we decided to go and have a cup of coffee in a restraint having known him for a while I knew exactly how he would behave having that I have known him for a while I understood very well he will decline the offer, the reason being he is an introvert scared about people and more so engaging them.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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