Essays on Technology of Non-Verbal Communication Assignment

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The paper "Technology of Non-Verbal Communication" is an outstanding example of a management assignment. Non-verbal communication enhances our understanding of that which is not verbal communication. Non-verbal communication has the ability to communicate more than we engage verbally (Knaap 2014). It is also worth noting that non-verbal communication by using gestures illustrators, positions the speaker to convey the message effectively and the ability to reinforce the arguments that cannot be attained in verbal communication. The discussion enhances our understanding that its only non-verbal communication that adds or replaces verbal communication.

As an example, the audience tends to use regulators such as holding up their hands to stop the speaker from talking. Generally, it is perceived that we believe non-verbal communication is more than verbal communication (Mohammadi 2014). As such, more confidence is placed on non-verbal communication. B15 Personally, I spend my time engaging in exercise, checking and responding in my email, male talk with my best male friends, Blogging and engaging in my academic studies either through lectures or personal studies. I value trustworthiness, integrity, reputation, happiness, courage and making positive differences in life.

Basically, the list match because mingling with friends showcases my reputation and trustworthiness, my academic qualifications will determine my level of integrity and happiness while my blogging activities pose to make positive impacts in life for my readers. As such, I presume that am spending on what is truly important to me. B16 Time is an incredibly important factor in communication in the information age. Currently, individuals are able to get medical information from hospitals at a faster rate. Currently, human beings are able to make quicker communications and decisions than the informal approach approaches in communications such as letter writing and mail delivery. Speed has become a necessity based on time.

Through technological advancement peoples, expectation and response are basically at a faster rate. As an example, think of the news cycle aspect. Before the information age, 24 hours news in politics would take 4 days to a week to spread in a State because everything was a print media (Media Credibility and Crisis Reporting 2016). Currently, 24 hours of news spread within 24hours and after the 24 hours something new comes up. B17 From the readings, am able to understand that through nonverbal communication, individuals make judgements and prediction based on how something presents itself.

If it is a speaker, the audience is able to make assumptions about the speaker based on how well the speaker dressed based on the environment and the context of the forum. Additionally, in a business setting, an individual’ s skills are contemplated based on the appearance. Generally, nonverbal assumptions are based on individual appearance that defines the level of a person’ s credibility.



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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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