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16/05/ 2011Plog 1Institutions make the use of groups to achieve certain task objectives which would not otherwise be met by an individual. Team or group development comprises of five stages: formation, storming, norming, performing and adjourning. It is important to plan on groups in terms of the resources that a group requires to execute a task such as time and funds as well as, training about importance and expectations at each stage. I feel that if this is not provided some group members will loose focus on the whole project.

Therefore, the managers and the leaders assigned to group projects must consider this. At the formation stage, majority of the group members tend to loose focus since they are not aware of each other in terms of their roles and expectations. There is low communication since members have not achieved comfort around each other. At the storming stage, each member wants to establish his own position based on his capabilities and expertise in his field. At this stage, the group is focusing on who will play particular role and therefore there might be role overlap where some group members may want a particular role.

When role players are not chosen properly, there may be loss of focus by some group members. On the other side, some group members loose focus due to their non involvement in the project. This is because they are either ignorant to directions provided or they simply did not like the idea of group work. Some group members loose focus because they do not listen attentively to instructions given during group induction and training periods.

Lack of required knowledge and skills needed to execute the project can also lead loss of focus. Some group members fear criticism which can contribute to loss interest and later focus. Generally, lack of the required skills is the major reason of loss of focus. Therefore, to create and maintain group interest and commitment managers and group leaders should come up with ideas on how to gain focus from group members. One way to achieve this is to equip the group members with the required skills to complete a group project.

It is also important to emphasize on adhering to directions and instructions during the training and also when provided. When the managers are handling the training, they should emphasize on the importance of listening so as to achieve understanding and comprehension to gain focus. In addition, roles should be allocated appropriately to each member as well as explain to them on the requirement of each role or position. At the formation stage, the leader can suggest the use of group warm ups. Groups should consider group or team warm-ups at the formation stage which are aimed at improving social relations within the team.

Team warm-ups are social activities conducted for team members to know each other more and enhance communication through. When communication is achieved members will as well be comfortable in sharing what they think about the whole project and pose questions in areas that they do not understand hence gaining focus. When there is warm interactivity within a group, members will be more interested in the group and the project and become more committed.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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