Essays on Bill Fence and Quantum Bank Website Case Study

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The paper "Bill Fence and Quantum Bank Website" is an outstanding example of a management case study.   Project Manager is mandated with the role of ensuring successful execution of the project from its kickoff to completion. Numerous factors affect the process and PMs should effectively adjust the process for a particular situation. Internal project is one of such situations that need to consider a number of issues. I had the opportunity to do just that when Orbit did a redesign/rebuild of our own website. Here are the five things I learned about managing an internal project.

The internal project requires the PM the handle the team like co-worker by explaining everything in a detailed manner. Never assume they know all. It is highly possible to miss deadlines but PM should try to minimize slips, try new things, engaging the clients fully and ensure that they access the project tools. Negotiation is paramount before, during and after the delivery of the tools. The role of the project manager in internal projects and in negotiation is addressed in the following scenario evaluations. Bill Fence and Quantum Bank Website Key issues Bill Fence case compares with typical projects and demonstrates key features pertinent with a project including: The product delivered at the end of the project should address necessary capacities such as functional requirement or performance, expandability, maintainability, reliability and flexibility.

Bill strongly ensured that the website met all the above quality measurements. Clear Communication is a major feature of a well-run project. Quantum project had it all the way. Bill as project manager was aware of the bank’ s needs and worked alongside bank’ s directors who suggested what the website would have.

It incorporated everyone’ s point of view. Bill was under pressure to keep directors up to date. The project developed by an internal project manager can have good Change Control. The project accommodated much suggestion in its implementation stage. Having an internal PM, the bank was able to embrace scope creep. A strong team ensures that significant other understands the project, get skills to contribute in maintaining the end product. Bill is working closely with other technicians, has trained them about the current use and management of the website. Valuable lessons There are six valuable lesson manifests in this Quantum project including: Ensure that a project addresses the basic/necessary or a favorite aspect of an organization.

Simply, ensure that a project has a valid business case. Ensure sufficient attention to quality from the outset, during development and when delivering the products. Sufficiently define the required outcomes to avoid confusion over what is expected to achieve Set a strategy for continuous communication with stakeholders, interested parties, to deliver products in line with what customer wanted Adequately define and have people who accept project management roles and responsibilities, for direction and good decision making Application to work, studies, future aspect of life There are important aspects of the Quantum project that I will apply in future such as: Where possible, I ought to embrace variations to project methodology so as not to encroach on quality.

Users may expect the end product, particularly project involving technology to deliver a particular feature that was not planned at the beginning, and we can allow more time to integrate it. Project management is highly applicable in group assignment. Last year we were expected to present a topic in class in groups of four.

I have realized the way planned our work by having a good introductory overview, clearly stated the methods to work on assignment solutions, evaluated each member’ s work to ensure completeness of argument, logically arranged and presented in the class.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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