Essays on Project Management of Quantum Bank and Ugli Orange Assignment

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The paper "Project Management of Quantum Bank and Ugli Orange " is a perfect example of a management assignment.   It is evident from the case that Quantum Bank is facing competition in the industry from traditional and non-traditional organizations. There is a proposal for digital migration where most of the transactions will be done online through the bank’ s Web. These transactions include online bill payment services which will allow customers to apply for credit cards, loans open accounts, and manage their investment portfolios. All these transactions are expected to be done through an online platform.

Coming up with a Website that will manage all these transactions is considered a project management concern. This is considered as a project to be implemented since it has three defining characteristics which include: Established objective-To increase the competitiveness in the industry and meet the financial objectives of the bank through customer focus strategy. Requires integrated participation in the organization. Digital migration is something that has not been done before in Quantum Bank. Issues that need to be looked into in this case as far as project management is concerned identifying a good project team leader, who will be the manager, and supporting the manager in building an effective project management team.

The profound issue in the case of Quantum bank is managing the competitiveness of the bank through the implementation of digital services. This is integrated project management which will need a good project manager as well as an effective project team. Thoughtful lessons on project management A successful project management leader has to exhibit technical and personal skills as his or her strengths in managing the adoption of a project in an organization.

Bill fence, for example, is the right candidate to take place as a project manager. Bill has been successful throughout his profession: computer science. His exposure has nurtured his technical ability and personal skills. For instance, solving technical problems as new recruit in the bank reveals his ability to handle technical situations in the course of implementing the project.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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