Essays on Reflective Writing And Critical Analysis For Project Assignment

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A reflective essay on the project Introduction It is important for students of management to be able to undertake a study and reflect upon the various projects that have been adopted by them in time. In fact it is believed that in the area of business it is important that one is able to analyse and critically realise the effectiveness of the various strategies that have been adopted in hind sight of its establishment. The following paper is a detailed reflection on the project that has been developed by the group in order to ensure that the various sections that have been developed are analyzed and critically examined so that the overall effectiveness of the project can be established.

Aim The project that has been undertaken was one that looked into the health management needs of the human resources of companies. The need for HRM is one that has been established in the global market since the coming of the new millennium in a highly evolved manner.  Human resource management is really important in ensuring that the working capacity of the company is maintained and for ensuring that there exists a high work atmosphere which inspires the employees to work better so as to ensure that there is greater productivity of the organization as a whole.

Human resources of an organization are the only resources that can be changed and altered according to the need of the organizations so as to ensure that they are able to incorporate the changing trends and requirements of the market and the economy (Bratton J, Gold J 2007). It is important that the health of the HR is maintained as without a highly active and fit employee base no organisation can effectively function in the long run.

Project ObjectiveThe project that has been undertaken has tried to look into the existing policies on HRM in relation to the health care management of employees in organisations today. The main focus of the paper has been to ensure that there are better facilities established so that the health care system of all the employees is developed in an effective manner instead of having health care policies which only address the health issues of an employee only after the person is suffering from a disease.

ReviewThe relevance of this strategic policy development of HRM is huge. The development of the idea of Human Resource Management is one of the most recent changes that have come about in the management sphere and prior to the evolution of this there was observed that the top most departments in management were focused upon the development of new ideas. The human resource was known as employees and they were considered only for the purpose of production and service (Griffin R W 2006).

It is only with the changes in the management theories that more attention was paid to the human resources, and new theories in relation were evolved. There has been observed that in the recent times, the strategic human resource management has become exceedingly important in all organizations.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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